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I live in two countries. When I am gone from house A, where I have 4 cats, I have pet sitters who stay for free and mind my pets. (yes I am always looking for pet sitters and House A is in the Caribbean). In 2007 Dora Lora went missing. She was gone 6 days for no apparent reason. She came home and seemed ok, a little thin but fine. She did this again and again.

She is the sister to Alfred and also lives with her Mom and a calm rescued cat. They all lived in harmony but now Dora hisses at them and prefers not to live here. She lives in an empty abandoned shell of a house and is happy there. I go to see her and most times she comes home with me or I carry her home if she has been gone too long. She eats and sleeps here sometimes 2-24 hours then leaves again.

Do I let her do this..I guess I have been and I guess I wonder what changed and why she prefers living alone in her "house"? I feel bad ...