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Saturday!! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

We are under a severe thunderstorm watch here today and although it hasn't started yet it looks like soon.

Heading off to work soon, hopefully it will be an uneventful day, haven't slept to well the last few nights so not to energetic..

After work have to run a few errands, drugstore, pet store and such. Then home for a quiet night either on the computer or in front of the TV....
I have such a glamorous fast-paced lifestyle

Kitties are good this morning, all three are sitting in the window watching the yard sale going on across the street..

Everyone have a great day..
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Auction around noon today, so I really should at least get one load of clothes in before we go! Love to procrastinate.....
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Gonna hit some garage sales. The sun is actually shining, which is a nice change after four days of wind & rain thanks to Fay. Ready to go enjoy some Florida sunshine.
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It's going to be miserably hot today. John wants to work outside putting an engine in his truck. So I'll probably get some cleaning done in here and check on him every once in awhile to make sure he hasn't killed himself out there .
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And take a few bottles of water out there for him to drink when you check on him
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I'm getting ready to do laundry..woohoo

But tonight we're having a bunch of friends over for a Romance Party
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Good afternoon

Still getting some breeze and rain from tropical storm fay here. Supposed to rain all weekend, boo.

Eventually I'm going to drag my butt into work and weigh up some soils to put on Monday morning. I doubt I'm going to have the oomph to do all of it today. Then it is date night tonight Woohoo.

We might buy Nero a scratching post (Monte demolished the old one awhile ago) today.
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DH is taking our son to a pre-season soccer party while I am at salsa class.

Tonight it is party hearty at my health club's annual member appreciation party. For the amount of dues I pay, they better make me feel really appreciated tonight.

It's and 80's theme and the band is really good.
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Went to the shelter, adopted a kitten. now I'm cleaning house! lol
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Was hoping for rain-didn't happen-grrr....the lush landscape from the June and July rains is now getting crispy!!
So we went and picked up primer for the family room project-will start painting tomorrow.
Then went to Artstreet event in downtown Green Bay and bought a cat pin and from another vendor a pretty necklace and bracelet. I told Neil its the anniversary present a couple of weeks early.
Home Depot run and now back home!! Neil is napping and the girls are in the house and Bakker outside.
Temps in low 80's breezy but limited humidity thankfully. Allergies are not bad so far today.
Unsure of what the rest of the day holds for us!
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Evening everyone!

Yesterday my little nephew, Isaac spent the night with us. So since all 3 of us slept in a little late this morning, when everyone woke up - DH and Isaac made lunch It was so sweet! They gave me the afternoon off. Colin tought Issac how to make tacos - they had fun in the kitchen

While they cooked, i cleaned up the house and vaccumed a bit.

After that I took Isaac back to my sisters house and hung out there for a little while. When i left i came back home and took a little nap since i wasn't feeling so great (cramping to death today!!!).

Now i'm waiting for my cousin and my aunt to come over for a little bit.

After they leave i'm going to feed the froggy and work on my community tank
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Didn't do much today. My boyfriend had to work at 4 this afternoon so we had basically the whole day together. We woke up, and watched some TV and had breakfast. I did the elliptical and he played on the computer. We had a nice walk to the post office to pick up a package and then walked back. I made lunch and then he left. I'm working on my scrapbook from my great-grandmother's 90th birthday party last weekend. It's going to be her Christmas present this year. And now I'm making a little something for lunch.

I think the rest of the night, I'm watching a couple episodes of One Tree Hill. I'm so addicted.
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My sister came around one this afternoon with burgers and fries from one of our favorite restaurants and we spent the afternoon watching the DVD of the HBO series of JOHN ADAMS. We watched four episodes of it and we'll watch the rest after Church tomorrow.
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