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I'm Back!!

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Hi Guys!!

For those of you who knew I was going to Menorca for the past week, it was great! It was reeeeeaally hot hot HOT! And on the one day it just managed to get into the mid 90's (F).

We went to the beach most of the time or hung around the pool, but on the last night we went to a Menorcan Horse Dancing Show, where all of these beautiful black stallions were performing, rearing up etc and at the end a gorgeous white one came out and started prancing about.
They even let all of us go in the arena with them, so I have a picture but because there was so many people trying to cram through it's not that brilliant, but I'll post them later as I've only just got up.
The only thing that me and my mom didn't like about the show was that the trainers were spooking and whipping at the horses to make them run around and buck, it looked cruel!

On the last day we got a call saying my nan had been rushed into hospital, so that wasn't really the best thing to come home to. But luckily she is getting better.

Anyway, I'd better shut up and check out all the things I've missed!

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Not knowing exactly where Menorca is, and not being able to check on it when I heard the news, I was a little worried about you and the Spanish airliner crash. Good to hear from you.
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Welcome back Laura!... of course you was missed here....
any pic of the trip? would you share with us?......

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Glad you had the hot weather! Hope you brought some back with you, the rain here is too much now

Look forward to pictures!
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The pics might be a little late because I need to get them off my dad through Bluetooth, and I'm quite busy ATM what with my nan and everything, but I will get them on here!

There aren't that many actually, just some good ones of the sunset and a few from the Dancing Horses.
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