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When do I register?

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OK, I picked out a name for my baby: "Once in a Blue Moon," and her call name will be "Luna."

On the TICA registration, I have to put a second choice, as well, so I'm going to put "Lily of the Valley," and her nick-name would be "Lily."

Obviously, the call name is different depending on whether or not my first choice is available. When can I register? I want to know for sure as soon as possible what name it is that she has, so she can start learning her name. Can I get the registration from the breeder now? Or do I have to wait til I bring her home?
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You should have been given all her paperwork. She should have her registration papers, shot records, and some breeders include their pedigree. The papers should be filled out right away and mailed in. There is a small fee for the registration and that is due at the time.
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Some breeders will also hold paperwork if the kitten needs to be spayed. So if she is not spayed before you get her the breeder could hold it until you have this done. I do this as I can't find early spay in my area. I am trying to find it so I do not have to hold paprs.
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I haven't paid for her in full yet. I have just paid the deposit. Maybe I'll go ahead and pay in full, so I can go ahead and register her? And the breeder gets her spayed for me before I bring her home.
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