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My lovebug

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As you know I rescued 2 kittens awhile back from horrible conditions

Chloe is into EVERYTHING! (I swear she's taking lessons from 8-Bit )

But little Blaze is such a lover!

When I first brought him home he was so skittish! He would hiss, spit and growl at anything and anyone who came near him!
Not to mention he was the runt... very tiny!

He has come such a loooooooong way!
He will sleep in the bed with Brandon and I (the others won't because of Jake )
And he purrs like a lawnmower

Just now as I was eating my soup he came up and curled up on my lap and went to sleep

Brandon calls him "Little Dude" because he's so much smaller then his sister. All the others want to play and wrestle with him and he'd rather just be loved on
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Aww, hugable Blaze!
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That's awesome We need updated pics BTW
My Pepino is a cuddlebug too
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Awww! How wonderful! Nothing like kitty lovins in the whole wide world! I have 1 cuddlebug, but she's very sneaky about it. She comes in during the night and snuggles up next to me while I'm sleeping.
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Awww cuddlebugs are the best

Yes, we need pics!!
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