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my little man - Crackerman!

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Hey all...I'm still fairly new to the forums and I don't think I've posted pics of my kitty yet. Here is Crackerman! We named him after the title of a Stone Temple Pilots song.
He has a very loving spirit and loves to cuddle with and befriend everyone. He also has a cute playful side of him as well.

Here he is in a box - he loves them!

at my feet in the kitchen...waiting to be fed lol

pic of me and him together. He loves cuddling next to my face

reading with momma

our family portrait - my bf Chris, Crackerman and me *Jessica*
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What a beautiful kitty Crackerman is!

He looks so happy cuddling right in your faces! And so do you guys.
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aw, what a sweetie!
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aww, he's gorgeous! good name too. i named shinobi after a lostprophets song. my daughter and i love the fact that the crowd always chant 'shinobi' at their gigs.
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hehe yeah anyone who doesn't know about STP gets a kick out of Crackerman's name.
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Awww, he's adorable!
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What a cutie pie, Love his name
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You have a nice little family....
I love the color of Crackerman's coat.
He is a very handsome boy.
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Crackerman has a very unusual coat, in addition to his name. It looks ticked - with the striping on the head and legs.. the way an Aby cat is marked.
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My boyfriend loves STP, and we went to see them when they came around here at the end of May.

Crackerman is adorable. My cats love boxes too!
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Aww sweet!
Jess x
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What a beautiful little boy!! Definately has some abby in him! My Whisky loves boxes also! Right now, he is in one that is so small the sides are bowing out!
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Crackerman, you little sweetheart!
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Crackerman is adorable!!
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Thanks for the sweet replies I've always wondered what kind of cat he was...I knew he wasn't a tabby.
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Oh, he's not pure abby, but he is part. He's got a orange tabby face.
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What a beautiful and loving kitty! Love the pics
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