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I'm glad Tuxedo is doing better!
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I'm so glad to hear your little guy is doing better. Being with the humans he loves will be even better for him!
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I am so glad to hear that he is feeling better! I hope he will recover completely very soon!
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Oh, that's so good to hear... even a little improvement is something! I hope he can go home with you tomorrow!!!
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Glad to hear he is improving! YAY!
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Way to go, Tux! Now you get to live in the house! I'm happy for you.
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Laurie - how is he doing today?
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I'm glad to hear Tuxedo is doing better. Is he still improving? I hope he recovers soon!!
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Good for him1 I hope he keeps on improving! Soon he'll be with mommy and daddy and he'll have all the lovin' he needs to get better completely!
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Checking in on he home yet? How is he doing today?
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Laurie, I'm sending good thoughts, prayers and positive energy to ALL of you! I know how scary it was when Spawn went through the same type of thing. I hope you have a good update for us!
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Well, they checked for everything, including Fatty Liver Disease, and apparently it's just a virus they can't identify.

I was so hoping (and expecting) Gary and I and the Vet would compromise and bring Tuxedo home yesterday.... but he was doing OK, not great - eating, but still needed subcutaneous hydration. So they were worried that he might still be infectious, and none of us want the other kitties to get sick when we bring him home.

SO..... today he was eating AND drinking (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!), and it looks like we'll be picking him up tomorrow morning.

I'm glad he's been getting the medical attention, but he needs TLC!!!!!

Gary and I are both so excited about bringing him home. It was such an agonizing decision, and now that we've made it, we just want to bring him home.

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I am so glad that he is doing better
Love and Prayers Sam
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Great news! I'm so happy he's improving, and that you two took such good care of little Tuxedo.
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Oh, I'm so glad to hear he's probably going home with you tomorrow!!! Yay!!! Keep us updated!
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Hey - is he home -is he ok? I am playing catch up here so I may have missed a post about it - but I will get there!
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Me too, Laurie! The last I heard was that you were rearranging the bedroom to keep the cats happy! LOL ! Do you think they'll allow you to use part of the bed? I hope Tux is perfectly fine now.
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I think you guys did miss a thread... check out Tuxedo's Update
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Jenn, Thanks! I did miss that thread.
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