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Tuxedo is really sick.... (long)

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Hi guys. If you don't know or don't remember, Tuxedo is my hubby's little baby. He was part of the litter that turned up in our yard last year. We adopted Lazlo and Shelly, and put up condos, had spayed/neutered and fed the others outside. Tuxedo was small and vicious, and we really had problems with him.... that's a whole 'nother long story, but suffice it to say when Gary was most depressed about it all, Tuxedo head-butted him, and it all turned around.

Anyway, another litter turned up in the fall. We found homes for all of them but one.

When Winter just got unbearably cold for so long, we finally put Thanksgiving and Tuxedo into a boarding facility. (The no-kill shelters around here are full, and we're still on wait lists from November).

We just got Thanksgiving adopted, though she hasn't gone to her new home yet. We had a family interested in Tuxedo... but it turns out they wanted a long-haired black and white kitty. They haven't said no to Tuxedo yet, but it just doesn't matter.

Friday late afternoon we got a message from the boarding facility that Tuxedo hadn't gone pee all day, and they were worried he had a urinary tract infection. Saturday morning Gary went to pick him up to take him to the Vet - and he'd been throwing up that morning.

We checked up on him Sunday morning. The Vet couldn't find anything wrong with him - and he wasn't throwing up anymore. But he was so much thinner already!

Well - today he was throwing up again, and he still hasn't had a bowel movement, and he's had problems not peeing in the box. Gary says he's really skinny now. He was such a little rolley-poley cutie!

They took X-rays - nothing appears to be wrong. They won't have the bloodwork back until tomorrow.

Gary went to see him this evening. Tuxedo buried into his arms.

If this family decides not to adopt him, we're bringing him home. It's been so heart-wrenching for us, because we have such a small home (we live in an RV), and we have three cats in here (one of the adoptions didn't go well and we took the cats back. One went to a new home, and one stayed with us. ).

Gary loves this little guy so much, and the whole thing is so distressing.

Please pray for Tuxedo. We really need him to get well - no matter which home he's going to!!!!

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Lot's of prayer are coming from NY!
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Sorry to hear Tuxedo is ill. Prayers going up.
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OMG Laurie! It brought tears to my eyes and my heart is pounding right now! I really hope you find out what is wrong with Tuxedo. That poor little guys been through so much in his short life...I really hope he gets well ASAP! I bet you and Gary are just beside yourself right now...I know how much you and Gary adore him!

Sending LOTS of good vibes, prayers and thoughts Tuxedos way!!
Please let us know how he's doing Laurie....we're all worried too!
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And from Ontario as well!

I'm so sorry, Laurie. My grandpa's dog is having a problem that is much the same as your Tuxedo's and it's just so hard not knowing what is wrong. Hope the little guy is better soon.
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awww i hope the little guy starts feeling better!! Poor kitty
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Sending get well wishes to Tuxedo..hope he is feeling well and running around your place in no time!
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Laurie, I'm so sorry! I so hope Tuxedo gets well. I'm sure the vet will find out what's wrong. It's so sweet to think of him being so glad to see Gary. God bless him and make him well. I'll pray for him!
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I'll be keeping him in my prayers!! I sure hope he gets better!! Keep us posted, Laurie.
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It could be that Tux is stressed, and in his stress he blocked himself. They won't find a blockage if that is the case, but removing him from the stress factor will help. Plus the bloodwork will show some abnormal levels. He is used to his freedom, and to you and hubby and he should be with you now so that you can keep an eye on him and he can relax and know he is home. Right now, he needs both you, as well as your great vet!
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Laurie, this really sounds bad!!!! Many years ago we lost a sweet little kitty immediately following emergency surgery due to FLUTD. I am not trying to scare you, but Tuxedo has symptoms that sound similiar. But I HOPE Tuxedo has a different problem and will recover.

Snowball is joining me in sending extra special positive thoughts to Tuxedo!!!!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Tuxedo. I'll be sending my prayers for the little guy. Please keep us posted on his progress.
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Aww, sending out good vibes for Tuxedo. I hope the vet finds something not-so-serious and easily fixable going on with him.
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Poor thing! It feels bad enough when they are ill, but when you don´t even know what´s wrong, it´s even worse!
I really hope Tuxedo will get better soon. I´m sure it makes him feel better to be able to be cuddled up in the arms of you and your hubby!
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I just saw this! Tuxie is in my prayers!

HUGS to you guys!
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Aw poor Tuxedo, just what he doesn't need, sending get well thoughts from all of us in Iowa. Keep us posted.
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I am praying for Tux and you and hubby. I hope that like Hissy said, it is just stress and that you guys can get him feeling and doing much better. LOVE, HUGS, and PRAYERS your way hon.
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Oh... I feel terrible Tuxedo isn't feeling well... poor little guy. I'll keep him in my thoughts. Hopefully bringing him home with you and Gary will destress him and make him strong enough to get better.
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Oh Laurie, I just saw this!! Big big hugs for you and Gary, and healing thoughts and prayers for Tuxedo. Ivo sends warm snuggles and purrs, too.
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I sure hope Tuxedo gets better quickly!!(((((HUGS))))) going out to the little guy!
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Poor baby has been thru too much not to pull thru this time! He will survive and get strong! I am sending healthy vibes and positive prayers his way!
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Any updates Laurie?
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Laurie, I just saw this.....Sending Tuxedo all my get well kitty vibes! Poor little guy, he has been through a lot. (((((HUGS))))) to you and Gary!
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I just saw this thread! So sorry Tuxedo is feeling so poorly.

Major ((((((((( hugs )))))))))) being sent your way!!
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His blood work came back, and the only indication is Neutropenia (sp?), which simply means a low white blood cell count. Vet says this is often an indication of a viral infection. He's on antibiotics, which aren't good for viral infections, but stave off secondary infections.

The good news is, he ate a little bit this morning, and he is using the box to pee! Vet says he looks "brighter" and appears to feel better. He kept his food down, and he is well hydrated.

We can bring him home today, but if it is a virus, we run the risk of infecting the other three cats. Vet thinks to be 100% sure, we should wait 48 hours. I think we should bring him home now, because all he might have is stress, and Daddy's love might be the best medicine.

BUT I expect Gary and I and the Vet will compromise on Tuxedo spending one more night and bringing him home tomorrow.

We can isolate him in the bedroom, but that'll only work for at most 24 hours. We live in a very small space, and the bedroom is an important component in our kitty's lives.
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I'm so glad he's doing better.
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Laurie, sweetie - I've only just seen this thread!!

I hope little Tuxedo continues on his road to recovery. Me and my 3 fluffs send loads of love and snuggles for the little guy.
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Hi Laurie,

i am such a sentimentalist, that very often, i get really emotionally...

Wow.. i pray for speedy recovery for Tuxedo..

Take care of you, take care of your hubby and take care of Tuxedo!

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Oh Laurie, I just now saw this thread...my heart aches for little Tuxedo! I am glad to hear he is feeling a bit better now, though. I know how you and Gary must be feeling...you are both in my thoughts and my prayers are going up for Tuxedo and I am wishing him a very speedy recovery!! Keep us posted!! **HUGS**
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I hope he continues to get well. I just read this thread, sending positive thoughts your way.
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