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Not sleepy after spay!

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Holly was spayed this morning. Everything went fine and she was mewing when I brought her home and being extra extra affectionate . BTW, Kitty was very happy to be an only child for a day again

The vet said she'd be sleepy, and I've read some stuff on here about what to expect...but no one has mentioned insomnia! She's been home about 3.5 hours, and hasn't stopped moving! Playing with toys, jumping on the kitchen counter (a no no), and she ate til she fault probably, although hasn't run at all. Seriously, I've never seen her awake this long (she is a kitten) and had anethesia today Only an Ocicat could have this much energy still (about 60% of normal, which is alot). I was looking forward to a quiet day playing kitten nurse

She is definetly a little spacy, when she was licking her behind on the bed she fell off. And, so far she only sniffs her tummy, no licking, so it's been easy so far (except for the puke, which happened on a couch cover I just washed and put back on the couch 30 minutes before it happened... of course )

I suspect that when she does crash, which seems to be slowly happening right now, she will be out cold all night. So glad it is done and over with!
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The spots are more than fur deep
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What a sweetheart

Abby can relate to Kitty though. When Chynna was at the vets for 3 days earlier this year Abby was in her glory. She didn't even seem to miss Chynna at all
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Mika comes out of anaesthetic really, really quickly so we experienced the same with her. Our vet told us we must ensure if she ever needs anaesthesia again we need to tell the vet so they will be aware. Apparently it can be a bit on the dangerous side.

I'm sure your sweety will sleep like a little log tonight after her tryiing day. What a little beauty.
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I was such a newbie to meowerhood before my RIP big black tomcat Brownie adopted me 15 years ago. I did know that if I could catch him that I should have him neutered (he was old enough). He knew that he had a sucker family so it was no problem getting him into the vet for the neutering.

I brought him home after and put him on my bed. He had been and always would be an outdoor kitty. On that day, on my bed, he rolled over, his eyes rolled too, he meowwwwed, and he fell fast asleep. I wish that I had had a camera because it was a classic kitty moment.

Brownie was always a sweetie, both before and after.
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
The spots are more than fur deep
I got Ana a few days after she was spayed, the skin spots are so cute

At 11 weeks, still with her kitty fuzz (she was flank spayed)

I hope Holly's recovery continues to go well
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My two kittens were neutered at about 10 weeks old.

Their usual routine was play for an hour, sleep for two hours, then repeat.

When I brought them home from neutering, they were wide awake and played continuously for the rest of the day, at least eight hours. They slept the next day. On the following day, they were back to normal.
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She`s so cute! Hope she`s flly recovered soon

When Maisie had her teeth done they said she`d be sleepy for the rest of the day but she was bouncing off the walls when we got home!
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Anastasia's kittin pic is so cute

I hope Holly grows up to have great spots like hers...there is still mostly a kitten look about her. Also, she is recovering really well, thanks to everyone for the good vibes
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