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My cat pees in his sleep.

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Ok, well this has just recently started. My cat is almost 2 years old and whenever he is laying down relaxing or sleeping he will pee a little. It is never like he pops a squat on my bed and goes, he simply leaks a little bit. He jumped up on my lap today and was just laying there purring, but when he got up I had a stain on my jeans. He is an equal split between indoor and outdoor cat. He does his business outside, but we DO have a litter box inside.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Anyone have similar experiences? I just want to know if there is a quick fix to this before I have to shell money out for a vet. Thanks.

Upon closer examination of him while he is asleep, there seems to be a fluid emanating from his behind. Could there be some muscle control problems here?
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I'm almost positive this is a medical issue, although likely not a serious one. You will have to talk to your vet to really know for sure though. This is actually very common in dogs when they are developing but I've never heard of it in cats before. Given that your cat is also 2 years old, I doubt it's at all related to it's development. Sounds to me more like a nerve or muscular problem in the urinary tract. There might be therapy options available for your kitty or a surgical procedure to cure him completely. Good luck and please keep us posted!
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My first instinct and your edit is confirming this, probably. Is that he is doing the same thing my cat does - his anal glands are leaking. Our vet says he has never heard of a cat having any control over just leaking a bit but in our household we call it being "Rupertized" aka something our cat Rupert does when he is very happy and leaks all over us.

However, the smell of anal gland excretions and urine are too vastly different smells though, the anal gland excretions are used for marking purposes and smell... kinda like death... a truly awful smell that sticks to everything it touches.

The only real way to know for sure is to talk to your vet.
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Kitty has nerve problems that cause her to leek urine sometimes when she is sleeping. We tried some meds for it, but decided the side affects were not worth it. Then it just stopped, so its off and on. Could be a URI I guess, but also low muscle tone controlling the urine, incontinence issues. If he is using the litter box just fine, I wouldn't worry too much.

Could be anal glads leaking too, like abunaisakana said. Couldnt hurt to visit the vet to make sure, if possible.
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Last year someone posted a similar problem and was told to check with the veterinarian. It may be a sign of a serious disease.
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Thanks for all the help everybody. It has stopped, but I am going to take him to the vet anyway just to be sure all is good. I appreciate all the answers.
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