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Unbelievably cruel

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I figured this was graphic enough to warrant a post in the IMO section. I am in shock that ANY human being would actually think of doing this.

Farmers Put Live Chickens in Wood Chippers

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two California poultry farmers who fed some 30,000 live chickens into wood chippers will not face criminal charges because they had permission from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, prosecutors said on Friday.
But a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States called the farmers "callous and barbaric" and disagreed with the decision not to prosecute them.

The farmers needed to destroy the chickens because they were "spent" -- or no longer able to produce eggs -- and could not make chicken soup out of them because the farms were under quarantine for the poultry virus Exotic Newcastle Disease, District Attorney's spokeswoman Gayle Stewart said.

Stewart said the men, who run a poultry farm near San Diego, asked a senior veterinarian with the Agriculture Department if they could employ the wood chippers and were given permission.

"Once they had permission we decided that they did not have any criminal intent," Stewart said.

Brothers Arie and Will Wilgenburg, who run Escondido-based Ward Poultry Farm, could not be reached for comment on Friday. Earlier, they told the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper that they were doing "what we thought we had to do" based on expert advice and stopped as soon as they learned otherwise.

Wayne Pacelle, a spokesman for the Humane Society, said that explanation was unacceptable.

"The act of feeding live chickens into a wood chipper is an extraordinarily callous and barbaric act and I can't imagine any person with a whit of common sense would use a wood chipper as a killing tool," he said. "No person with any experience in killing animals would sanction the use of this technique."

Pacelle said the District Attorney's decision not to prosecute the brothers rested on the "faulty assumption" that using wood chippers to kill chickens was an accepted practice.
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How cruel! How can anybody say this is acceptable? I can't believe it!
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that is horrible!
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I know that they had to be destroyed, because of Newcastle disease, but couldn't they have killed them first. It wouldn't have been that difficult or expensive to gas them with carbon monoxide and it would have been painless.
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Originally posted by katl8e
I know that they had to be destroyed, because of Newcastle disease, but couldn't they have killed them first. It wouldn't have been that difficult or expensive to gas them with carbon monoxide and it would have been painless.
I agree...
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How about a big fat fine for the guy that Oked it!!!
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What's wrong with the USDA? I'm still waiting for factory farms to be banned, but I'd better not hold my breath.
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It's just plain disgusting the way some people totally disregard an animal and treat them like objects! The guy who OKed it also needs to be looked into. How cruel!
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OMG... I'd have to agree... I understand they need to be put down, but is it too much to do something so their death is painless, and THEN dispose of them as they want?
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Tybalt how could you smile in a thread like this

This is disgusting !!

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That is absolutely dreadful. I also understand the fact that infected animals has to be put down, but I canno tunderstand how human beings can be so cruel and discussting. And Get Away With IT!!!!!!
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Totally unacceptable practice!!!
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I'm sorry if it was me
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Oh, to clarify my posting.. i meant the farmers' cruelty.. i just can not comprehend how people can be cruel to animals???

i guess my posting came after Michelle's, so it looks like i was referring to her comments (oops - i did not even know my posting came after hers.)

It was not pointed towards anyone but the farmers' treatments of animals.

Just to clarify, so i won't hurt anybody's feelings.. i am always afraid to hurt people's feelings, you know?

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its sad. but not neccessairly because the chickens were fed into a woodchipper. yeah, that is a rather cruel method, but it is indicative of the attitude towards animals. they were shredded like any other unwanted commodity. Animals of every type are now mass produced, packaged and marketed and this is just another sad example of it.
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Well said Adam,

Sadly these practices become more and more common.
This time it was chickens, a few years ago it happened to chipmunks.

A KLM airplane with a few thousand chipmunks to or from China landed at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Apparently something was wrong with the accompanying papers. The KLM wasn't allowed to transport the chipmunks any further and the exporter didn't want them back.
KLM said they tried to find an organization who would take over the chipmunks, but didn't succeeded.
Because KLM couldn't keep the chipmunks at Schiphol any longer, they put them in the shredder.
A few escaped and it made the frontpage in the Dutch newspaper.

KLM had to make a public appology, but apart from that, nothing much happened.

What made me specially angry, was that they only reason the chipmunks had to be killed was burocracy.
Papers that weren't OK, civil servants that were too lazy or stupid to realize that these were live animals instead of illegally imported souvenirs or something similar.
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I remember the chipmunk incident too. It was unbelievable. They were due to be shipped to a private collector who hadnt filled out all the forms properly. Again, some pets are treated as commodities to be bought and sold too. I spent a little while working at the animal reception centre in Heathrow (UK) and it was amazing to see the volume of animals tha passed through; not always alive or kept in the best conditions. There has been a lot of coverage in the press about the exotic pet trade which is still on the increase. I have to admit that I have, and always have owned, exotic animals in their many shapes and sizes but these were almost always ones that had been abandoned by ill informed owners! I treasure all my lizards, terapins, spiders and scorpions (and my dog and cats!) but would have never have dreamt of taking them on wihout greater research. God..ok.. iร‚ยดm rambling again...sorry!


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LOL, i sound a bit like an animal nut dont i!
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Well, Adam, then you're in the right place!
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This whole thread is disheartening. I just cannot believe people would do that to animals. That's like when I was watching Court TV about a guy who killed horses for insurance money (because he was too chicken to have someone else be able to do something with the horses and show that he was an idiot too).

People who do this kind of thing to animals are not far from being able to do it people.
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I feel bad for the chickens to be killed in the manner that they were but...weren't they born and raised to be killed in the first place. Thats what goes on on chicken farms. Animals are mass produced to be killed and eaten. Whether its thru a wood chipper or any other method, there's the same outcome.
How do they usually kill them to be eaten? Probably not in much more of a humane way than this was.

Its terrible this happened, but its not suprising to me.

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We do chicken right!

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