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You have probably already had your surgery still sending many many vibes your way
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Best of luck, hope all goes well, you are in my thoughts and prayers!! Hope you get well soon!!
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Fingers crossed everything went well......
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Oh Tammie, I didn't know and am just reading this! I REALLY hope everything went well! Sending vibes for a quick recovery!!!!!!!!!!!! :vibs:

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still thinking of you my friend!......
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I hope everything went well today!
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Sending healing prayers and vibes
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Thinking of you today Tammie, see you when you get back
Yes, hopefully everything will go so well that you can get back to TCS quickly and tell us how great you are doing!
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I've been thinking of you today Tammie. Hope everything went well for your surgery!


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Hi everyone. I'm home. The surgery went well, as far as I know (I'm still really out of it and don't remember what the doctor said really.) I'm in a lot of pain and really groggy so I won't make this very long. Doc sent me home on Lortab. I've been taking it along with prescription Naproxen and it's not really controling the pain. So he's switching me to Percocet. The lortab makes me itchy all over too. Anywho... I have to go back to laying down! I'm just too sleepy to say much more bout it all. Thanks for the support.
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Woohoo! Any operation you come home from is a good one! Sleep sound and feel better...
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I'm glad to hear that you're home already, and that everything went well! Get some rest, and give us an update when you're feeling up to it.
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Glad that you are home and on the road to recovery Tammie.

Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way.
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Glad that it went well and you're home and able to give us that much, Tammie. No go get some rest and we'll catch up later, when you're feeling up to it.
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I'm glad your surgery went well! I hope you have a smooth recovery!
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I'm still alive. I had to switch pain killers to oxycodone(?) I think it is percocet? It's pretty strong stuff. It sure controls the pain but it also knocks me right out and gives me horrible nightmares. And when I take the maximum dose, sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe. So I cut back to 1 every 6 hours instead of 2 every 4. I'm really puffy all over but I think that is from the fluid when I had an IV. My knee is really swollen, of course. And pretty bruised. My friend stopped by this evening and brought me watermelon and some diet pepsi. She cleaned up my kitchen a bit, got me something to eat and took the garbage out for me. She's always been such a good friend. Funny thing is, she is my daughters' age. Ok... that's about all I can provide tonight. I need to go lay back down.
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Glad to hear everything went well and your on the mend...Sending a lot of speedy recovery vibes your way....

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Sending along some no pain/sweet dreams as you heal vibes.
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I must be feeling somewhat better... I actually felt like being on the internet for a little bit! I still have a lot of swelling all over but of course, particularly in my right leg. My poor toes have about dissapeared from swelling.

Anyone else who's had surgery have a hard time getting rid of the excess fluid/edema? I'm assuming it's from the IV's during hospitalization. But it's driving me nuts! I feel like a marshmallow! How long does it take for all this to go away?
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Tammie, glad to see you are feeling a bit better I hope your swelling goes down soon
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