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You can't fool me!

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Butzie has lots of toys, her favorite being a furry little mouse on wand. She has one in my bedroom and one in the family room downstairs.

Lately, she hasn't been interested in playing with them with me. She is not sick (the vet said that she was a picture of health) and she still loves me. I changed the toys. Still no interest.

Last week, I walked into my room and the mouse toy wasn't exactly where I thought I had left it. I just thought that I having one of those moments.
Later, I went downstairs to the garage and saw where her downstairs mousey toy was. When I came back home, sure enough, that mouse wand had moved. I don't believe in Poltergeists, so I am sure that Butzie is playing with them.

We had a little chat and she agreed to play with me. Believe that and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

So, I bought her a toy that she really could only play by herself. Here it is:

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Cool toy! Butzie will have lots of fun with it for sure.
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my kitties love the rolling ball type toys! I bet Butzie will have a blast!
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