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Kitty condo

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This was a really good investment. They love it.

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My kitties knock them over all the time! We are planning to put them on a wider base or connect them together to make them a little more stable. I think we got them at Wal-Mart for $12.99 or so.
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Brenda- is it braced? I had one of those get knocked over once and almost squish a kitty.
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It's not braced, but it hasn't moved yet. It is against the wall, and fairly close to the bookshelf as you can see.
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I had one of those when this was a two cat household. Midnight thought it was great fun to tip it over at night and roll it through the living room. It makes a very distinctive sound, one that wakes you up very quickly! roll-roll-roll-roll-roll...
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They look very cozy in/on it!!
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I have samll one the kitten have found it and climb in it to sleep!
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My 2 brats didn't use theirs at all. I gave it to a friend for his cats.
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We bought just one cubby hole for Spooky when we brought her home. We wanted something only she could squeeze into. Shelly can get in there - but just barely! He still tries to squeeze in there, LOL! Guess we should have gotten this model!

I'm glad the gang is having fun!!!!
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Baby kitty condo
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I used to have like 2 or 3 of those, we kept em on the floor, my cats were far to big for them, but they tried to fit anyway.
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It looks like your kitties love it!
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I have two of those. my boys are too big. We got them one of the really really BIG kitty condos. I bet the little kittens are going to loves those when they get alittle bigger!
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