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New kitty introduction in small apt.

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I am about to introduce a new kitten into my home with a 5-year-old resident female cat.

Some background: I decided to adopt a new kitten for companionship for my older cat. Addie is a sweet cat, shy around people but warms up to them. She has been around other animals when visiting on trips, mostly dogs. She will hiss and keep her distance, but so far no fights. Anyway, I have worked at home for the last 2.5 years, so she is used to having me around all day. She has a routine of begging me to play with her a couple of times a day. It is usually a good break for me, but I am often on deadlines and cannot break away to play. So she walks around meowing and also crying to go outside (she was an indoor/outdoor kitty for a couple of years). She finally gives up and just lays around looking completely bored and disgusted! Also, when I do leave I find that she is sitting right by the door when I come back, wanting to run outside as soon I open the door. I am hoping a kitty companion will give her more attention and lesson her boredom.

My question: I have read the sticky about introducing a new cat. But I live in a one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. So my options for confining the new cat are limited. My cat sometimes sleeps on my bed, but not always. And sometimes she sleeps in the hallway where she can see my every move. And the bathroom is where she drinks her water (from the tub). What do you think would be the best place to keep the kitten? I am afraid that Addie will be overwrought with jealousy if the new kitten sleeps in my room. Same thing with the bathroom for that matter (we have a morning petting routine in the bathroom), but I could provide a water bowl for her by her food. There is probably no easy answer here, but any thoughts/advice?
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I'd probably use the bathroom for the new kitten, but you may not need to separate them at all. We've never done the 'proper' intro and never had trouble with the new ones settling in.
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Hello! I am introducing a kitten to a 3 year old so I am very new to this too....

I have a 1 bedroom apt also and my bathroom is in the one room. I am keeping the kitten in the bathroom right now. My resident cat (who is 3) is always in my bedroom so that is her main territory But she doesnt really go into the bathroom because i keep it closed. I think I can relate to your story a little bit. I havn't worked now for about a year so I have been home a lot with my resident cat. I got her when I was still living with my parents and they have 3 dogs that my cat got along with because I got her when she was a kitten so she grew up with them. My husband and I have been visiting his parents that live about 4 hrs away a lot and they have a dog and my cat hisses at him and always hides when he comes near (he is a pitt bull).

I just got my kitten yesterday so I can't help a whole lot but, I agree that the bathroom is a good idea and you can just provide her with a water bowl elsewhere. I brought my kitten home before researching and the kitten got to explore my resident's territory already, while she was watching the kitten might I add (she was probably really angry). But my cat is acting normal now that I have put the kitten in the bathroom. So even though your cat visits all around the house I don't think she will be as jealous that the kitten is being kept in the bathroom. I think she would be more jealous if you put the kitten your room.

Good luck! I would love to hear how they are doing since I am kind of going through the same thing!
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