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Uncharacteristic behavior and aggression

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Ok, so my girlfriend and I have 2 male cats. 1-Boss is 2 years old American shorthair and 2-Dom, he is 1 year old and also a shorthair.
A little over a month ago, we moved to a new place, therefore I expected a change in the cats' behavior. Boss loves the new place and seems happier than he ever has recently. Dom on the other hand has been very different. He used to be a very friendly, cuddly and never exhibited any aggressive behavior. He has been lately though. Just today, I was holding him and he bit me in the face, very deeply I might add. But, that's not the end of it. Remember, he never used to do anything like this. He has been aggressive towards me and has even hissed just by me picking him up. He also has been trying to climb walls and at the same time meowing at them. He used to sleep with my girlfriend at night and refuses to now. He used to want to be held and now won't even let us near him at times. I know behavior changes because of changes in environment but we have moved before and his behavior change only lasted about a week. Boss showed signs of stress for about 5 days after we moved and since he's been a happy kitty.
I'm just confused and hurt, literally and figuratively by this. If anyone can shed light, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I can't shed any light for you but do suggest you go out and get some Feliway plug-ins. They're expensive but I think worth a shot in your situation as it sounds like it's probably all stress related. You'll only need to put them in the areas that Dom goes in. I would also suggest a vet check just to be sure nothing is going on with him physically. Best of luck!
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Yes definitely try the feliway. Also, I would stop trying to pick him up. As you know, cat hate changes, especially to their territory, and he's angry at you right now because in his cat mind you are responsible for the change.

Does he have a favorite pillow or blanket that he like to lie on? Something that might give him a feeling of familiarity?

It will take time, but eventually he will come around, just be patient and *let him to you*. You will know when he's ready to let you pick him up again.
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Just shooting in the dark as usual, here, but is it possible your cat smells a previous cat in the new place, or sees one outside? This COULD be redirected aggression.

Oh, and get the bite treated, or clean it out extremely well with something like hydrogen peroxide. Cat bites can get infected very easily.
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