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refrigerate overnight??

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My family is having a brunch tomorrow for my brother's birthday and everyone is brining something. I am making sticky buns (or at least attempting to )

I make the dough with the bread machine, refrigerate the dough overnight, assemble the buns (with the filling and so on), let it rise at room temperature for an hour, then bake for 30-40 minutes.

Problem is, the dough will be out of the bread machine only at around 4:30pm and I have to leave for brunch around 9 or 9:30am tomorrow morning. I would like to avoid having to get up very early just to finish the buns.
I could either refrigerate until 8-9pm and then make the buns before going to bed (including rising again for an hour and cooking)
Or I could refrigerate until 9-10pm, assemble the buns and refrigerate them again until tomorrow morning then cook them in the morning while I am getting ready to leave (they would be more fresh that way )

What do you think? Will it work? Or do I really have to get up a few hours early tomorrow?
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Do them tonight.

Once baked, they don't need to be refrigerated. Just let them cool and then put them into a bag.

Cold dough won't rise and will only rise once it reaches room temperature.
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I'd actually go the second way.
I make brioche often, and once I've shaped them, they stay in the fridge overnight and then on the counter for an hour before you pop them into the oven. I think this way they'll taste very fresh.
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I don't know but they sound divine, can you send me some?
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