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I quit!! I can't believe I did it!

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I feel so free! On Monday, I turned in my 2 weeks notice at work!! Things have been REALLY bad at work with my boss and have gotten a ton worse over the last month! Although I had planned on having a job lined up before I quit and that didn't happen Well here's why it happened so "suddenly".

Quick background: My boss is lazy, he does not do his job either properly or at all, he is irresponsibile in his work, managing, spending,etc, he does not follow through on anything, he is very mean to me verbally. I work my butt up, and end up doingboth our jobs while covering his butt. Oh,and I am a receptionist/admin asst and don't get paid that much!

Last week, on numerous occasions he blamed me for not doing things I either: had done, was not told to you, or that was his responosibility. Each time he blamed me, I stood up for myself and explained how it wasn't my fault, which in turn made him angry and get a nasty attitude with me where he blamed me for even more and yelled. At this point I am desparately looking for another job so I can get out of there.

On Monday, within 5 minutes of him coming to work he was on my case and blamingme for stuf that, again, I either had done or was not told to do. I had called in sick on Friday, and therefore there was one thing I had not gotten to Thursday since I had thought I would get to it on Friday (he also never even told me to do it, I assumed I had to). He was there all Friday and never checked to make sure stuff was ready. So on Sunday when he needed the stuff, he looked for it five minutes before he needed it and when he couldn't find it was stranded not having it and didn''t know how to improvise. So Monday he was furious and started blaming me. Some other outrageous things came out such as: he doesn't know why I didn't come in Friday (umm I called him and said I was sick), I cannot call in sick on a Friday ever again, I should have come in on Sunday to do it (I didn't even know I had to do it), I need to learn to multi task (which I do EVERY day juggling 30 different things). At this point I call my DH and beg him to agree that I can quit. He says not untill I have another job (I agree, but I was so miserable).

Well 2 hours later, something else happened...3 months ago I forwarded him an email I had received form someone about using our facility, it had an attachment with a schedule that he needed to look at and approve. I also told him about it. I am not allowed to approve schedules. I told him the lady was expecting to hear from him about it, and told the lady she would hear from him. I never heard anything from either of them so I thought it was fine. Well 3 weeks ago I decided to email him the email again and just wanted to make sure he took care of it, since the schedule was coming up. Monday he came flying in my office furious about something and stated "We have a big problem". I asked what and he proceeded to blame me for this schedule thing, since he had double booked our facility. He claimed my mess up would get him fired, said I never sent him the schedule (I h ave proof I sent it twice!), said I suck at my job, etc etc. So I call my Dh again, this time he tells my to turn in my 2 weeks before he comes down to have words with my boss.

SO, I met with my other boss, and made my resignation official!!!!

I felt so good after that, knowing I would not have to put up with my horrible boss anymore!!! BUT I am a little stressed since I do nogt have a job lined up! I have been looking like crazy and feel hopeful I will get SOMETHING until I find what I want! What I want is something in a vet clinic, with OJT as a tech. So now that I quit, I can freely and openly work on getting contacts at vets to help me get a job!!!

So prayers and vibes for a job would be helpful too!

WOW, if you read all that...Thanks! I didn't plan on it being so long. Guess once I got started I just had to get it all out!!
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I hope the next two weeks go by quickly and your soon to be ex-boss will appreciate all that you had done for him. You must really feel better as I'm sure you were really stressed and DH was probably a bit tired of hearing about the boss (I'm asuming here as my DH would have been tired of my complaints).

Good luck in the next phase of job hunting!!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post

You must really feel better as I'm sure you were really stressed and DH was probably a bit tired of hearing about the boss (I'm asuming here as my DH would have been tired of my complaints).

Good luck in the next phase of job hunting!!
Yes, DH was very tired of hearing about it and it was also putting strain on our marriage! I am SO relieved. And so is DH.

Thanks for the luck! I just KNOW something will work out somewhere!!
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in your job hunting! I think my DH has the opposite, he is probably tired of hearing me talk about how wonderful my boss is and I my job.

Good luck and something will come your way soon.
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I'm so happy for you!

Hopefully we all can do that someday, way too many people are stuck in bad jobs. Because you made the decision to move on, I know you will find what you are looking for. Remember to always think positive as you look for and find that new job.
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I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. From what you say it was a very abusive work environment. It also sounds to me like he may have been trying to get you to quit for some reason.

So far as jobs go, if your husband was concerned about you working until you found something else, you may very well have to take anything that comes along to tide you over until you get the job of your dreams. It's infinitely easier to get a job when you already have one than if you don't.

Also, I wouldn't count on a reference from your boss given the way he was treating you and the fact that you quit and the fact that you and your husband sat down to talk with him.

Good luck with your job search I hope you get something that you really like
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I'm glad you got out of that horrible situation! I used to call Rob and cry on the phone telling him I wanted to quit working where I was at. I still work at the same company, but with a MUCH better boss! (I ended up getting a job in a different department a few weeks after seriously considering just never showing up again...)

It feels great to not have to deal with such horrible bosses, eh? I'm glad your DH agreed with you and good luck on finding a job soon!
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Good for you

Being bullied by someone is never acceptable.

Sending along tons of good luck vibes for your future endeavors.

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Good for you! Once you're out there, you'll be able to job-hunt full-time, and something will surely turn up!
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You need a mental margarita vacation.

Your ex-boss will be gone soon if he is so inept that he needed you to cover for him and now you are gone.
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Good for you. I bet that jerk will be fired when his boss figures out how much of the work was left to you.
You are a lot more patient than I am. I do not tolerate anyone yelling at me. I had a boss (when I was much younger and in really good shape) tell me I couldn't leave until I turned in my uniform, so I did, right at the salad bar in the middle of the Pizza Hut. I put on my jeans and t-shirt and went to the bar. He was fired the next day.
I wish you tons of luck on finding a less stressful job. Nobody should have to take that kind of abuse from a boss.
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Amen to the abusive boss thing. BTDT.
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Thanks! Sorry I am just now updating...I was out of town and then was violently ill yesterday! (vomiting for 10 hours and temp of 102!!).

NEW DEVELOPMENT in the story! My boss got mad at me for calling in so he "requested that I not return to work!" LOL
So I have this whole week off...PAID!! The people in finance love me and the decided to pay me through the remainder of the time I was supposed to work. I also have 3 vacation days they have to pay that is 3 paid days off next week too! Plenty of time to find another job. I have many good leads right now on jobs, but I still need lots of extra vibes and prayers for a job to work out!!!

To answer some questions...
It did seem like he was trying to get me to quit, and if he was it's b/c I was exposing him for who he is! He was too afraid I would eventually end up getting him fired, which he is doing to himself anyway.

It feels absolutely wonderful being away from him!!!!

Oh, and I did talk to someone about him and our problems. It is a small company, but I had spoken with the "HR lady" quite a few times. Everybody else that works there knows anyway...they can see right through him and can't stand him, so they are all on my side.

I just hope, for everybody's sake, that he gets fired really soon! Oh, I also have to go in for an exit interview...this shall be fun! muah haha!

Thanks for the positive comments! I will update you on the new job hunt!
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Well, I have some awesome leads on jobs! WOo hoo! Interviewed at one today. He called to offer me a position...but it is not full time as of now. So we will have to decide on that one. If anything, if I don't find anything in a few days part time is better than NO time! And it will give me experience!

About my former I am gone and he is still causing problems! He basically lied to every one on why I quit!! He said I quit b/c I was going back to school. Which I am, but not for another 9 months! And now I have to keep explaining to everyone over and over that I DID NOT quit b/c of school! I was actually planning in staying employed there all throughout school.

SO glad I am not working with him anymore!!
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