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Pics of Lancaster, PA

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I played tourist today in my town. I was out walking and thought
about all the cool buildings, shops, and restaurants here in Lancaster. People from other towns and states are surprised that an actual Lancaster city exists. They often think we are just Amish and outlets.

Lancaster is the oldest, or maybe second oldest, inland city in the US. It was established in 1726, give or take a couple of years. There are a lot of old and beautiful buildings all over the city. President Buchanan's house is just down the road. He is arguably the least effective President ever, but he lived here, so we have Buchanan Park, and Buchanan Elementary, etc.

Here is my house. I live on the top 2 floors of the right side. We have a really awesome porch.

That's my new (to me) blue car in front.

This is a view down the street. So glad the trees are starting to bloom.

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You have a really pretty neighborhood!!
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Hey Brenda, I was out in Lancaster (well, Manheim, actually) for the Renaissance Faire the past two summers. We had a booth there, but won't be back this year cause they more than doubled the rates for merchants.
Lancaster county is so pretty, it's so nice to get away from suburbia and see the countryside now that the weather is nice. Oh, and there are always the outlets!
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Beautiful! I remember visiting Bird-in-Hand, PA once as a kid. That's in Lancaster Co. We went to do the Amish thing.
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One of the things I love about the buildings here are the unique details on each house.

This one is definitely my favorite of all the houses here in Lancaster. It's now condos, and the yard is pretty small for the size of the house, but I really love it.

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Wow, those are great houses! I love older houses with such detailed architectural touches. You can tell that craftsmen worked on them, as opposed to the mass-produced sort of buildings they put up today.
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Viva, That side of the street is nice. Behind the house can be a little scary. We're in a borderline neighborhood, someone got shot outside the house a few years ago. We weren't living here then, and it wasn't someone who knew our landlord, but it is kind of creepy.

Mom of 10, Too bad you won't be back this year, I haven't gone to the Ren. Faire in a long time. It was fun, though.

Deb, When I was younger, we did the Amish thing, too. My parents live about an hour away, but my mom's side of the family is from Lanc. Co. We were always down here, but I never saw the city until I moved here.
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Just a few more.

The old Watt and Shand building, a former department store soon to be hotel and convention center. Anyone want to arrange a TCS convention in Lancaster?

A monument to honor PA soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

Our farmer's market. Love to shop there in the summer for fresh produce.

The Fulton Opera House, named for Robert Fulton. Plays, operas, the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, etc. It's very beautiful inside due to recent renovation.

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In my hometown in northern Jersey (Ho-Ho-Kus), there is some wonderful architecture. This house is The Hermitage. It was built prior to the American Revolution. George Washington stayed there during the war. Aaron Burr married the woman who owned it. I love this place.

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Wow, Deb, that is a gorgeous place!!!! I want it!!!

My very favorite is Victorian architecture...
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I love Cape May, with all the Victorian houses...
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It really is an awesome house, Sue. When I was growing up, a single old lady, a member of the family that owned the house for generations, lived there. She was dirt poor. The house was badly vandalized. When she died, she willed it to the state of New Jersey as a historical site. It has been restored over the years by donation money. I have since been inside. It is incredible. I feel so weird walking on floors that people like Washington walked on. But, I'm a bit of an American history freak.
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What beautiful pictures! I just love houses like that!
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Ted and I might drive down to Lancaster some time this summer,I have been to Gettesburg[sp] I also want to go to Hershey PA! I just love chocolate!
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Sherral, If you like amusement parks, Hershey Park is a good one! You can also go to Chocolate World, where they show you how they make chocolate. It's free to get in. A lot of times, you can smell chocolate as you enter Hershey. And the street lights are in the shape of Hershey's kisses.

There are also some nice things to see in Harrisburg.

I should have called this thread Pics of your hometown. ANyone else want to show us where they live?
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What a nice place to live! It's very beautiful!
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Brenda, I love the area! Thanks so much for sharing the pics... Gary and I actually lived near there for several months several years ago. There's a nice RV Park out in the country a bit west of town.

We got our Saab fixed in Lancaster - it was the best place we've ever been to. When we were anywhere near there (and I mean even from up here in NJ), if the car needed work we'd drive there to get it done! Unfortunately, the place was sold to a cadillac dealership about two years ago, and all the mechanics left...

There are some great yarn shops there - I had loads of fun.
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