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Hi, I arrived in Houma Louisiana June 30th. Long time ago. I wrote this long thread about Shady's flight, and when I submitted it it all got lost. I was frusterated, and just shut off my laptop.

Shady is doing well. She has no interest in meeting the big dogs. The cat that lives here is so freaked out by having another cat around. She is only used to dogs. Shade was found cuddling with the little dog though!

Shade mainly stays in our bedroom, and goes into the hall sometimes and meows for us to come see her. We both work most days long hours, so she is alone more then she is used to. She is without her mama cat, and has started pulling her fur out on her shoulders. She started that maybe a week and a half ago. She is growing it back, and I have yet to get her an appointment. At the moment we don't have a car, and no ride to get her to the vet. We don't live very close to one either. I check it out every day. She is eating and drinking fine, she plays and cuddles. She is just pulling out her fur. I am worried, and as soon as I have my car I will get her to the vet for a check up. All her vaccinations are up to date, had to be to fly.

I did check her skin for any strange signs, and her skin looks good, other then being bald. She has a patch of new growth probably 3/4 of an inch wide, and a couple inches long on her left shoulder, and a much smaller patch on her other. I put my hand in her way, and she pulled my skin with her teeth. I lay in bed and watch tv or play my gameboy when I am home most of the day. I feel pretty lazy for doing that. But I figure spending time with her is good.

Her flight went well, I gave her a quarter of the sedative pill the vet gave me, and she was calm for hte whole flight. It wore off about a half hour after we arrived in Houma. We flew out of Denver Colorado, after driving from Sheridan, Wyoming.

She even used the bathroom outside at a rest area on a leash on our way. It took her a very long time to find the spot, but I was patient, and just followed her, trying to make it feel to her like she wasn't on a leash. When she finally went, she ran back to me and pawed at my feet so I could pick her up. She was such a good kitty all the way. She had fun exploring the motel room we had. her stay only cost $15. Her flight was $100. Not too bad.

Thank you for reading this, and for any advice you may have. She will see a vet as soon as I have my car. I havne't made her an appointment. I am waiting until I know I can get her there. I don't know this area well yet, so I hope to have someone direct me to the closest good vet.