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Max, my little angel kitty :)

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Max is the littlest of the kittens, she was the smallest kitten that survived (we lost 2 within a few hours of birth). My BF named the tiny little ball of fur Maximus "to give him a name to grow into". Well, he turned out to be a she, but the name stuck.

Max is our spoiled little princess, and such a refined little lady. She sleeps every night on my hip and runs to me first thing when I wake up, to say good morning. She is also the most vocal of the kittens, to the point where I tell her she is "the littlest kitten with the biggest voice".

She answers to Max, Maxwell, Meeeax, Max-Max-Max, Max von Max and Meowcoles(Spanish "Miercoles" in kitty talk). I call her my little angel kitty or my fairy kitten, she is so small and so very sweet.
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Looking a little more catlike at 6 weeks...The ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan!
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And as her gorgeous adult self. She is so spoiled, and we wouldn't have her any other way!
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She's beautiful!! She has very striking eyes . . .
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You should see her when she is trying to make an angry face. She is the last holdout to accept Romeo completely; when he gets too close to her, she flattens her ears and growls. All 6 lbs of her. He is more than twice her size. He looks at her and yawns, or worse yet, tries to headbump her. She gets indignant and leaves in a huff.

I tell her it is hard to take someone as cute as her seriously when they're mad.
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She is very beautiful!
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Who would have ever guessed that kitten would grow up to look like she did? She looked like a little mouse as a tiny kit!
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what a pretty kitty!!!!
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Her color is quite unique...don't think I've seen a kitty with that color! She's beautiful!
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Shell, she is a dilute tortoiseshell, grey, apricot and white. Her mom, Lilith, is a tortie.

It amazed me to no end how each kitten looked so different.
1 orange tiger
1 blonde tiger
1 silver tiger
1 brown/black tiger
1 blue polydactyl
1 dilute tortie

All out of a tortoiseshell mom.
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Wow! What a litter! At least you didn't have problems telling them apart!!
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That was quite the mix! She turned into such a gorgeous cat. What striking eyes!!! I'm sure she's just trying to let Romeo know that even though she might be little, she top kitty!
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Wow, she is so beautyful! The eyes just makes you forget who you are...and why...and where...
Brilliant mix of litter! Do you have a photo of that litter?
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Yes, here they are at about a week and a half old.

Blondie: blonde tiger
Jules: Orange tiger
Polly: blue polydactyl
Silver: Silver tiger
Pan: Brown tiger
Max: dilute tortie (but she looks like a smaller blue kitty here)
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Awww!!! What a cute pic! Adorable babies!
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Max is beautiful! And the picture of them all as babies is just darling!
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