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Holy pocket change Batman!

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I got a Raise!

IN the job i've been trying to ditch for almost a year (without success) I got a $0.50 per hour raise starting next pay!

My bosses took me aside and told me that they have been impressed by my work and that they like to reward that sort of thing. The also said that I would be getting another 0.50 in January if things continued at the current standard.

Don't get me wrong I am still looking for somthing else but now I at least have a reason to come into work in the morning!
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Congratulations. It feels so good to be told your work is impressive doesn't it?
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Congratulations!!! Raises always make you feel great, don't they?
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That's great news!!! Congrats!
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What a testament to your work ethic, to do that well at a job you're planning to leave!
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Congratulations! I remember my first raise! 50 cents seems huge and it is, my boyfriend only gets 10 cent raises, drives him nuts!
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I remember getting my first raise at the company I work at ... it took me a year and getting a different position before I got it, but it felt great. I got another big one 90 days later. It's awesome when you get a great review from your boss
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