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Daily Thread TGIF August 22nd!

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Morning folks!

I am still laughing...I was going through all my old stuff last night to throw it out before I move, and I found old notes, letters and cards..all the way back from high school! They were TOO FUNNY

"OMG, you think Ryan is cute? I don't..he looks weird..." I love high school

Its going to be sunny and warm today. I might just spend the day packing after work today. I am a little behind due to the insane garbage sweep I did yesterday which required going through everything I own and throwing most of it out

Anyhoo, have a good one folks. Trout says "mreeeeeeeeeeow"
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Good morning

So glad it's Friday. I need some serious sleeping in tomorrow! This week has been quite stressful since I got back from vacation Tuesday at work and I just feel so far behind with everything!! I had been at least a week ahead in my work before I left, but the person covering only did the stuff that HAD to be done that came in while I was gone. So therefore I'm right back to being 1-2 days ahead and it feels overwhelming! I also have to make all my reagents and clean out some of the sample cabinets in the lab because no one else will do it! (Well, someone attempted to do it while I was gone, and messed it up horribly!!)

We are still getting some rain from Tropical Storm Fay here in SC. It's such boring rain, no thunder, lightning, etc Hopefully we'll have a nice weekend!
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Send some of the rain this way!! Plants are getting a bit crispy. But rain is forecast for later today but not a large amount. Its cool-ish but very humid and I'l be sweaty in not time working this morning.

Then have to empty my truck which is pretty full of yard waste already! Really have to get to paint store today too.

Finished my one scarf and started a another one with thicker yarn so it knits pretty fast.

All drugged up with allergy meds too as the humid days seem to bother me more.

Not much else going on today-Packer game on TV tonite.

This week has seemed to drag on for me I'm glad its almost over.

Have a good one.
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Hello, my name is Sherry. I have a 10 month old Havana Brown kitty who is very sick. On Tuesday, my local vet did bloodwork and his red cell count was very low - the FelV/FIV test was again negative. So, he was placed on 1ml once a day of Lixotinic and 1.5 ml twice a day of Doxycycline. Tuesday evening he ate fairly well. However, since Wednesday, I've been force feeding him Science Diet A/D food (about 3 to 4 syringes full) about 3 times a day. I'm taking him back in this morning to the vet in hopes they can get him some nutrition.

He has been on several antibiotics over the last few months - mainly Clavamox - for a constant eye drainage and because he has not been very active.

If there is anyone out there that has any suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you so much for your time.
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Morning All!!!!

Hi Sherry, Not familiar with the condition you mention but if you post in the Health and Nutrition section I am sure someone will have some good answers for you...Good luck with your kitty..

Cloudy and looks like rain for today...oh joy..

Not to perky this morning haven't been sleeping to well the last few nights and it is starting to catch up with me..

Heading off to work shortly, long day ahead, my boss is returning from a business trip later today so will be meeting with him around 5.

Nothing special planned for after work just an early night hopefully.

Kitties are great this morning. Sassy is getting some extra treats and cuddles because it's his 16th Gotcha Day today..He's so fickle I have to keep telling him he doesn't look a day over 12

Everyone have a good day
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Hello all!

Thankfully today is Friday, but for being Friday it sure is off to a bad start...

First, I don't feel good. I wake up nauseous 90% of mornings, and today is a bad one. I can tell I want to be pregnant because I keep hoping we had an "accident" and that it's morning sickness! But it's just the normal stuff. Ugh.

Then one of my fosters, Lovelock, we're 95% sure, is sick. He seemed fine yesterday, but was throwing up all night. So now I am all worried about him. Will call the foster group and probably some vets once 9 AM rolls around, but until then, I'm just worried and can't really focus on work. I posted in the health forums, so we'll see if I get any responses!

Otherwise everyone is pretty good. Evie cuddled with both her daddy and I this morning!

This evening and weekend I'm just getting ready to go to Japan. Been doing a little every day, but it's time to get serious!

Have a happy Friday everyone, and a great weekend!
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