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Angus my Cornish kitty

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He's a true joy, though makes my husband a little crazy being under his feet all the time as he tries to do chores around the house. He's days short of 12 weeks old here.
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Absolutely beautiful. Rexes love being wherever you are, helping out of course. I constantly have to look down to make sure I am not tripping over my two. Can't wait to see this beauty grow up.
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Aww sweeet
Jess x
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Awwww look at those gorgeous big ears He's a really handsome boy
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wow..look at those ears! how cute!
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He's so cute! Kitties can be such great helpers, can't they?
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Updated picture of Angus now at 16 weeks, 4# 3 oz.
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He's beautiful...I LOVE rex cats.
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Sooo cute. I love Angus. I can't wait to see him when he is full grown. I am interested to see how big he gets. I have two cornish rexes. One is 7 pounds the other 14 pounds. I can't figure out which one is normal weight. The difference is striking. So I am loving seeing the progression of your baby. Keep up the pictures.
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What a sweetie! We definatley need more pics of him
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Angus continues to grow up. He is now 17 1/2 weeks old. He sleeps more now, more like I was used to from my other adult cats. He still has nutty crazy times where he just dashing around and around, skidding on the hard wood floors. Soft Paws have been a complete furniture savior.

His fur is getting a little longer so his curls stick up more, but he still doesn't shed perceptively, so it's all good with me.

This picture was when I woke him up to get a picture, I'm still no good at getting pictures of him in motion.
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Angus is now 5 months old. He weighs 5 # 10oz. I know this as he just got back from the vet from being neutered and having a ID chip placed. He was nutty crazy active after he got home. Obviously overdid it that day and spent the day after really moping around. Day after that he was pretty much back to his usual self.

He is a true joy to me, a real lap cat, so snuggly, when he's not having a "devil moment" when he just must must must attack and "kill" any moving thing or person. Thankfully almost all his baby teeth have fallen out, though for right now he has 6 fangs as the new ones haven't finished coming in. Also thankfully he can be easily entertained with a wadded piece of paper on our hard wood floors. He drives my husband insane mostly, but they are getting to be buddies and my husband will place chase with him through our house.
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He is so cute.
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Angus is now 10 months old, I think his coat is now mature. He has decided he is my husband's cat (he insists he's not a cat person). He sleeps under the covers, plays fetch with his favorite toy (one of my pony tail holders), and is very loud (vocal). In other words, a very typical Cornish Rex. He also loves all things edible; strawberries, coffee, bread, mustard, just whatever's on our plate, which we don't let him have, but he still wants it. He's loving Spring in Texas when we get to leave the windows and doors (with screen door closed) open so he can lust after the birds and squirrels outside. Husband is going to build him a window perch he should be able to enjoy all year.
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Angus is a handsome boy. I think Cornish Rex are beautiful. Do you have any more pictures of him? Please?
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I think that Angus has stolen your husband's heart.
He is a very handsome boy.
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What a doll!

Your husband may not be a cat person, but he's definitely an Angus person. Building a window perch is a definite sign of that.
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I love him!!!
I always loved the rex cats!
Never had the privilidge of meeting one in person though...can I visit Angus?
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Gorgeous! More pics, more pics!!
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he is a cutie
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