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My community fish tank!

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Aww you guys i'm so happy with my fish tank! Everything seems to be going great so far! I cycled it and now i have 3 neon tetras (all the pet store had at the time.....i might get 2 more later on since they do better in groups of 5), 1 handsome African Dwarf Frog (I've ALWAYS wanted one - i'm soo thrilled to finally have him!), and a beautiful male crowntail betta as of tonight!

I've got the betta in a breeders tank that's floating inside of the bigger tank so he has time to adjust and i can monitor him for any aggression/etc (no signs thus far!) I've got a back up plan for the betta just in case though -a 1 gallon he can go into if he turns out to be agg.)

I will have to get some pictures of my tank soon! I absolutely love having my little froggy! I named him Ichabad (After the old Disney movie "The Adventures of Ichabad and Mr. Toad"). The 3 neons are Larry, Curly, and Moe. And the betta- i've still got to come up with a name for!

I'll try and snap some pictures of the tank soon when i get a chance!

Anyone else have a community tank? What do you have in yours????
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I had a community tank for years, then decided to treat myself to a new cichlid tank for my birthday. After my community tank sprang some leaks, I sent those fish back to the petstore and just kept the cichlids, but they didn't do as well. They are finicky fish. I'm now using my large cichlid tank as another community tank and it's doing really well. I have barbs, tetras, corys, algae eaters and a few danios. I need a few flashy fish to round it out but I haven't decided what yet. It's a 40 gallon tank with a 75 litre pump.
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Sounds nice - I started out my fish keeping with neons and platys. Right now I have 2 fancy fantail goldies (they were a gift from an ex when we were together) with a snail and then another tank with an African Clawed Frog (much bigger than the dwarfs and shouldn't be housed with fish) and she has a snail.

I've had bettas too and kept one in a community tank the problem I found wasn't necessarily with him but with my other fish nipping away his beautiful fins... so keep an eye for that and if it's happening separate him.

Take some pics!
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Just thought i'd update! So far so good! The betta is now swimming in the rest of the tank with the others and doing wonderful! No aggression and no nipping out of any of them

I'll have to try and get some pictures of them all soon!

In the mean time though i've got my little ADF and the Betta trained They both know it's supper time when they see me put the big feeding tweezers in the water with their frozen (but thawed out) bloodworms on the end They both do a little happy dance every time they see the tongs in the water http://www.petco.com/product/106226/...ing-Tongs.aspx I have them to where they'll both take turns eating off of the tongs now-it's funny lol!!!
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Bett's have always been my favorite. I have four (all seperate of coarse). I have 6 different tanks two are community. My big tanks has 3 enormus angels 1 african butterfly and 2 congo tetras it's the center of all my visitors attention asides from my little Bell at the moment ...lol...everyone wants to see the new kitten...lol.
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