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My buddy Bisbee!

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This is Bisbee, the sweet cat that lives outside of my building. He's taken care of by the Feral Cat Association on campus, so he always has food, water, and a safe place to stay!

Relaxing outside the building door

And a closeup of that handsome face

I was looking for him one day, and this is where I found him!

He looooooves getting scritches and he's so friendly! Hope you enjoyed!
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Look at him in the last pic!

He looks so happy/content.
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Awww, he is a very handsome kitty!
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Isn't he gorgeous! That's great that he's being looked after as well, and you can certainly see it
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he does look really happy and contented. love that last pic, but why do cats find such uncomfortable looking places to sleep some times? crazy kitties!
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aww he is adorable..and i'm glad he's being well looked after
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He looks really healthy and happy, he's adorable
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A very handsome cat, indeed! I had never thought of the word handsome as an adjective for a cat before but I can see why you chose it!
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Aww he's a really goodlooking cat!
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