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Recall on a COMMON food stuff

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I thought this may be something for many to know
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Thanks for the warning Jen! I don't eat those- but i know some of my family members do! I will definitely let them know!
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I have used those before and my family uses them. I will tell them about the recall. Thanks
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OMG! My family and I ate those on the run the other day... We all got sick but I never put 2 and 2 together!! I had no idea! We all have vomiting and the other gross stuff that goes with it acompanied by body aches and hot flashes!! OMG this is crazy! I have never boughten a recalled product and am absolutely horrified! My best friend and her son ate them with us, she got sick also, Evan got the hot flashes and stuff and a slight belly ache but the rest of us were sicker than dogs!! How could this happen?? Now we're suppose to go to the doctor and it doesn't say much on what to do besides ask karen!!
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On the topic of recall....

Maple Leaf Foods in Canada is recalling all of their prepackaged deli meats because of Listeria contamination. That's more deadly than Salmonella. Several people across Canada have gotten sick and one has died. They are investigating if the death was the result of the contamination. In the meantime Maple Leaf Foods have closed their doors while an investigation into their food safety procedures takes place, and their staff are completely retrained.
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Thanks for the info! I was about to buy some boxes the other day to eat, but I decided to get something else instead. I will let my parents know since they might have bought some for my brother.
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I don't buy most frozen food items like that so I'm ok!!
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Thanks for this! I don't see anywhere if the Lean Pocket version is affected, but I haven't gotten sick (yet), so I think they're ok.
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Thanks for the warning Jen....
I have not seen anything about this in our local news.

I sent it to friends and family...
they can pass it on.
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Someone told me this morning they heard on the news that the Govt is zapping lettuce and something else, can't remember the other one, with radiation because of E-Coli in lettuce. Great, now we can eat radiated lettuce. I think I would rather take my chances with E-Coli
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Ah, but irradiation doesn't cause the vegetables to be radioactive, or anything.

It's a backup to washing. The thing I worry about is people getting careless about washing, figuring the radiation will kill anything they don't catch.

People are funny about some of this stuff. The absolute best treatment for meat, short of irradiation, is packaging with carbon monoxide, but people freaked so much just about the name that that process has largely been dropped.
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That is good to know mrblanche, thanks much for the information I was kind of worried.
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Thanks for the info. We don't eat frozen foods. I like all those irradiated fruits and vegetables.

I always take into consideration that we are lucky now to have all these alerts about foods, medicines, asbestos, etc. Until recently, there were major epidemics of all sorts of things where numbers of people died.

I am such a positive person.
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