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cat spit!

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Does anyone else have a Siamese and notice they have stinky spit!?
My previous one did, and our new Cat, 'Mushroom' does. I just notice it when she is playing and she chews on the toys and occasionally when she licks herself. I want to start her on Chicken Necks soon, to have a couple of times a week... anyone else recommend some food to keep her teeth clean?
Also how many nights a week should she have a meat based dinner... every night?
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If your little Mushroom (great name, by the way) has stinky breath, it may well be that she needs to see her veterinarian for a thorough dental cleaning and scaling. Bad teeth and gums can contribute to a systemic breakdown of the vital organs, including the kidneys and heart in Siamese. Chicken necks will not help neck lesions (cavities under the gum line). Please consider having her evaluated for a dental cleaning soon. If her breath is stinky, then she has an infection in there somewhere and that is painful.

As for meat meals, cats are obligate carnivores. She will need meat at every meal.
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