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Shear Genius

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anyone else watching? It's a reality show on Bravo about hairdressers

I was very sad to see Daniel go last night I wanted him to win! I was not happy that Nicole got immunity because I think she would have been the one to go without it. Dee does the same haircut all the time, and Charlie thinks he is a lot better than he really is. I don't want any of them to win!
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Last night was the first episode of the season I caught.
I don't understand why kept Dee over Daniel. Nicole is so not going to win. I see
Charlie winning in the end.
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My boss was telling me about this show..I don't have the channel though!
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I watched it for the first time last night. I didn't really like the show. However, I'm a huge fan of "Project Runway"!
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I only caught a few episodes! I really enjoyed what I have seen though!
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