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Is She Pregnant?

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My cat Lexy has been vomiting more often than usual. I didn't think much of it, I figured she was just trying to get a hairball out. I always find it in the morning, usually outside my bedroom door where she's waiting to get in. Which brings me to my next point.

Lexy has always preferred me to the other members of my family but lately she's been stuck to me much more than usual. She follows me to every room, and constantly feels the need to rub her face or sides on some part of me.

Today I noticed that she has gained some weight. She has always had a large abdominal area, but the weight seems to centered more in the lower abdomen and on the sides. She is 12 years old, 10 of those years have been with us. We were told she was spayed before we adopted her, but with these recent discoveries, we're not so sure anymore She does sometimes show signs of being in heat (occasional howling, raised rear) whereas our other female cat (who we know for sure was spayed) does not.

The thing is, her nipples look completely normal. They're little, white and covered in fur.

I took some pictures about an hour ago:




I have a vet appointment next week, so I was just wondering what you all thought in the mean time. I really hope it's not some serious disease
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As she shown any signs like that in the 10 years that you had her? I did have a 10 year old Preg cat once and she did throw up at first and we were told she had Ibs which she does but the throwing up was from being preg. I would think if se wasnt fixed it would have showed up along time ago. Has she ever been near a male cat in the 10 years you had her?
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I believe you can confirm the spay with an ultasound. Maybe a belly shave to look for a scar could be possible too. I doubt she is pregnant. I think you would have noticed the heats. The throwing up is most likely unrelated.
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No, she has never showed any signs like this in the past. She's been going outside for the 10 years we've had her, but never leaves our little yard. We moved in March of this year and I've noticed there are a lot of outdoor cats around, so it's quite possible that she's been in contact with male cats.
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I bet she isnt preg. She would have got Preg already after going out all these years. She might be sick with something. When cats get older they get sick easier. My Stormy was throwing up and drooling once in awhile and it turned out her kidneys were gone and I lost her. I would have blood tests done and see if anything shows up.
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I really, really don't want to alarm you, but my 12 year old MALE cat was showing the same symptoms, but he had a mass in his stomach.
I would take her to the vet, just to be sure
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I don't think she's pregnant, either. I would think that if she was never spayed, she would have gotten pregnant a long time ago.

I think it's a good idea that you're taking her to the vet. If she's getting older, it could be anything. I sure hope it's nothing serious.
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I stopped in at the vet's office on my way home from work with a few pictures of Lexy and she said that it could be roundworm and deworming her couldn't hurt. So she gave me a prescription and after an hour of kitty fighting I think I managed to get her to swallow them Hopefully it will work. I'm still keeping my appointment for next week though, just in case.
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