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Need Urgent Advice On Heavily Pregnant Cat

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Hi everyone, I was a member of this forum before but since my Murphy was pts I haven't come on and lost my account details.

There is a black and white male and female cat coming around my house. The female had kittens in a neighbours shed who drowned them. I was really angry and told her to tell us if she had kittens again to let us know and we would take them. Anyway, mammy cat was here today, I gave her some fish heads and noticed she is very heavily pregnant. She has a round belly and looks like she is producing milk as her nipples are very obvious so I think she is close to her time.

I'm prepared to help her but don't know what to do. She has never had a home in her life so she doesn't trust people. She has come around a bit since she first started coming here for food. Before she would run when she saw us but now she will let me get within a few feet of her. I don't know whether to let her have her kittens where ever she wants or to trap her and put her in our shed? She won't have them near our house because she fights with our cats which are outdoor cats. I could make up a nice warm bed in our shed and put in a litter box, I'm supposing she will take off if I open the door for her to go out to strecth her legs? Idk, I need some advice. I know the general care of caring for cats and her kittens because my cats have had kittens before they were spayed. Thank you!
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You can try that. If we had a Neighbor like that I would call the cops.
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I would but it's an old lady.
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I'd definitely try and catch her, but I'd be afraid that she already had the kittens somewhere... Does she go into your shed? Maybe if she hasn't had them yet she'd see your shed as a safe place.
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I think the shed idea is a good one - that is, if you can gain her trust a little more and lure her into it. Maybe set up a litterbox and a box with old sheets, and of course, food & water: hopefully she'll use them..
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Thanks, no she won't go into the shed, she fights with my cats so won't have them near my house. I was going to use a pet carrier and put some cat food in and tie a string to it and when she goes in pull the door closed. I tried it the other day but the string snapped and she got out so I'll try again with strong string.

I'm nearly sure she hasn't had the kittens yet because she is usually quite thin after she has kittens and right now she's huge. Anyone else have advice? My shed is quite full with stuff so I'm worried she might have them in a funny spot in the shed
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The shed is a good idea if you can clear a space for her. If you have any inside room you could sacrifice that would be even better.
Then I would take her and have her spayed. It is not fair for her to spend her life pregnant.
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Ya I am going to get her spayed after she has the kittens. I have some more questions if anyone can answer them.

She's not very tame so when I go in the shed will she run out and abandon the babies?

Would it be ok to open the door to let her out for fresh air and guard the kittens while she's out so she won't take them?

While she attack me if I try and touch the babies?

What sort of bed should I make up for her in my shed, should I make it like one she can hide in and it's dark, cats like that don't they?

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I don't know very much about this but I would try posting the same question in the 'caring for strays and ferals' section because the people who post in there know a lot about how to handle this type of situation.

good luck and thank you for watching out for the cat and her kittens
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I would not let her out. I am a firm believer in confining mom with the kittens until they are weaned. Not all cats make good mothers nor do all of them have a maternal instinct.
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