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SOS: Need Rescue in Montreal, Canada

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I have strong reason to believe that a person in Montreal is intending to kill a cat that is coming into his backyard. He has been shooting it with air rifles, and is now discussing poisoning it and other drastic measures.

I would like to offer him an alternative, but I have been unable to find a shelter in Montreal that is willing to help. I have contacted 10 agencies so far, and none of them will assist. I am not familiar with Montreal, which makes this even more difficult.

I don't know this person personally, and I don't know the specifics of the situation. He seems to be open to the idea of a no-kill shelter if it is made very easy for him. He is not interested in making any significant effort.

I have spent far too much time on this, and am running into problem of my own now. Would someone please help?

Surely there must be someone in Montreal who is willing to at least put out a humane trap and move this poor animal somewhere far out of reach of this guy? The cat is certain to be killed otherwise.
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If he is threatening to kill it, the SPCA has to help
Let them know that you want it dealt with and not just looking to bring a cat into their shelter - if an animal is at risk they have a legal obligation to look into it.

Otherwise call Animal Control and say it isn't yours and its life is in danger if not picked up.

Most no kill shelters are heavily populated at the moment, so it will depend on their mandate. Ours is taking in strays but not surrenders at the moment, our mandate is strays and that is all we have space for presently so be sure they know it isn't his cat and how long it has been there.

If it needs trapping and is unapproachable try looking for feralrescue or TNR groups in Montreal.
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I would definitely do that if I could prove anything but I can't. I don't even know the person or his address.

The only practical solution I can think of is to provide the person with an easy alternative, so that he can contact them.

I have been doing nothing but looking for a rescue or TNR group, shelter, etc. that is willing to trap the cat and take it to safety. So far, I have been unable to find one that is willing to do so. That is why I am asking here.
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