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Need Advice, kitten wont eat any but KMR

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Hi, We recently took in a very young stray cat that was pregnant, well she had 6 kittens on June 8th, all survived and are healthy and thriving. They are all eating both dry and wet food and have been for several weeks now, however one of them the smallest will not eat solid food. We separated the momma for the babies when they were are around 7 weeks old so that her milk could dry up so that we could carry her in to be spayed. Well since the little one would not even attempt to eat the other food I got some KMR and began feeding that to her and we bottle fed her for a few days and now she eats from a bowl. But in the meantime I have tried every brand of food I could find from the most expensive down the the nastiest smelling cheap food and she will not touch it. She tries to cover it up as if it were poop.
When I took Georgia, the momma cat in to the vet to be spayed I asked them what I need to do and they told me that it seems like I have done all they would have recommended and maybe she just needed a lil more time. And although she is only about 6 ounces smaller than the others, and is very active and playful I know that she needs to be eating more than the KMR. I just don't what do to. The vet tech suggested just not feeding her for a day or so and see if she would eventually eat, and thats just not something I want to do. I can't not feed her when I know she is hungry.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.
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Maybe you could try offering her just a small amount on a spoon, or from a fingertip?? I've gotten babies to eat that way, after they've refused eating from a dish.
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try some meat baby food - most cats LOVE that stuff!
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Sometimes they just don't know what to do with the stuff. Try putting a smidge of fishy wet in the kittens mouth, and keep trying till he eats it. Then if he eats that just feed him like that for a few times. Then you can slowly graduate to him eating it out of the dish. The same can be done with dry, but it's best to let them master wet food first.
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I have never heard of giving them baby food, but if its okay for her, I will try it. I have tried using my finger and putting wet food in her mouth and she wipes it out with her paw. I tried mixing a very small amount of wet food in with her KMR to where it was still very watery and she would not eat it. I know that she knows how to eat because I caught her eating some mac and cheese my daughter had walked away from for a minute, but I took that away from her because I was worried it would make her sick. The vet keeps telling just to not feed her the KMR and she will eventually eat with the others. But I just dont like the idea of that. I don't know, it just seems mean. Thanks for the replies I and any more suggestions.
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Give her water instead of the KMR and some chicken only stage 1 baby food. It is thickish but liquidy. She may like more human tasting food.
I would not give her KMR unless she still decides not to eat. One thing I have learned is that a little hunger is okay as a tool to do something healthy for the cat.
You may want to separate her with her food and see if that helps.
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Maybe you should try doing dry. I didnt try wet food first with Monster. I would heat up some KMR, mix it with some dry kitten food & mash it up. then put some on your finger & put a nice dap on her nose so she will lick it off. im not saying to starve her.. but let her go longer without eating than you normally would. Kittens get hungry quickly, so if you wait a little bit longer than normal, that might be the ticket to getting her to eat solids. If not, then she is probably not ready. I read that every kitten is different and will move at its own pace when it comes to weaning & litter box training.
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My kittens only liked dry kitten chow at firstm the wet foods did nothing for them, and making it wet with KMR did not make it better. Try some boiled chicken, she may be just a little finiky, if she eats that I would lace minced chicken in the wet foods.
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How do you feed them all? In a big group? Is the mother still there? When Elsa had kittens I just fed them all in a big group. Also they usually seem to want to eat what their mother eats, that was why I was asking...
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Sorry, my computer has been down for a couple days. I always feed them all together. I keep some dry kitten food out in a bowl all day so they can eat as they want during the day. I also give them wet food twice a day, once in the morning and then again for the evening. The mother is still her and she eats with them. I will try the baby food and the chicken. Maybe she just is a lil picky. I just worried she wasn't getting what she needed. She is full of energy and just as playful as the others so she must be doing ok. I just think she needs something else.
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Just make sure that there is no onion, onion powder, garlic, or garlic powder in the baby food. Let us know how it goes, Good Luck!!!
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