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nervous new kitties

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First I just want to say thanks to this site. I had been baby-sitting a cat and came to this site for advice. I just adopted two male tabby cats (brothers 14 weeks old).

They have been at my place for 2 1/2 days now and I am a little worried. They were described to me as being very friendly and I would have no problem with them adjusting. One of them seems to have no problem(the smaller one, who was very shy at first, but not anymore), but the larger brother has spent most of the time hiding from me, and will dart out of the room when I come in and hide under the bed. I thought maybe he was just a little nervous, but last night I really tried to chase him down because he needed some eye medicine. He really was scared of me, clawing and scratching at the wall (I cornered him in the bathtub) and me to try and get away. I just let him go, I don't want to traumatize him, but at the same time I am worried about him getting his eye drops (which I can imagine would be a horrible experience if I did get a hold of him). Just wondering if anyone has any advice, I do not want him to hate me or spend most of his life hiding from people.

Oh I just wanted to add that when I came home from work after the first day, there was some vomit/poop (Im not really sure) on the floor, I hope this is just nervousness and not permanent.

Thanks so much!
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New kittens are like that, very scary, my two are brother and sister, they wouldn't let me near them when I brought them home, it took a couple of weeks for them to come out and play. I played with them on the floor, with a string and a plastic spider toy. I'm sorry I can't advise you about the eye drops, someone will probably be a long shortly to advise you on this. Good luck.
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Yep. We just spent the first four days with a new kitty under the bed. This is now the ninth day and the shy kitty has been exploring the house, chasing (and being chased by) her "brother". I have petted the cat several times while playing (but not picked it up). My wife as yet to pet the cat at all.

Go slowly. I doubt the eye drops are worth traumatizing the cat over. Get an assortment of dangling fishing pole toys and just sit by the bed getting the kitty to come out an play, while resisting the temptation to reach out to pet or grab him.
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Normal behaviour for a cat new to your home. Unfortunately because you chased him, it may take a bit longer for him to trust you now, but be patient, calm and he'll come around. Our Simba stayed behind our headboard in the bedroom for a full month. When he finally did come out, he was the biggest lovebug we'd ever had. He wouldn't even wait for me to sit before he was jumping on my lap.
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phew.....cool thanks everyone!
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As much as he may need the eye drops, you may have to put off treating him. You don't want him to associate you with a very unpleasant experience.
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