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I am sort of fostering a pregnant kitty, she can't be much more than 10-11 months old herself.
I tried in vain to find a no-kill shelter to take her to, to no avail, nothing with room or fosters available in 100 mile radius

Anyway, I can't bring her in, as she doesn't like my dog, and my cat doesn't like her.
I'm in a travel trailer, so I really have no place to confine her anyway.
She is comfortable out in my cabana or my parents' cabana, so we are going to get her a box set up outside in a safe place, protected as much as possible from the elements.

I need ideas on how to make a nest that she would find acceptable.

We have no idea how far along she is as she is really, really skinny, but she now has plenty of dry and canned kitten food now thanks to the park manager and one of my fellow employees.
I would guess though that she's pretty close, she wants people near, she has a hard time getting comfortable when she lies or sits and she's a bit figety, and her teats have filled out.

She's simply adorable, and incredibly loving, I do not doubt that she would quickly find a home once the kitten glut has eased up a bit.
I'll try to get some decent pics of her today.

ETA: I've posted pics of Baby in fur pics forum