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Kitten Update!

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I just wanted to post a little update for anyone who was interested! I got to pick my babies up last night, although I called the Vet on Tuesday and I called them in the middle of the day yesterday... You know, just to check on them, see how everything went, check on them, check on them... I really wanted to bring them home.

Anyway, their bloodwork came back great! No problems with kidneys, liver, blood count, everything was good! They came through their surgeries perfectly. Neither kitty had any problems, and were very easy to bring in and out of anesthesia!

Bamf's incision is glued shut and the glue is supposed to dissolve naturally. The poor little boy started crying as soon as he saw me and he cried all the way home. As soon as I let him out of his carrier, he stopped crying and ran to us for pets. It was soooo adorable! He was very friendly and affectionate all night last night. He followed us around the apartment, and whenever he couldn't see one of us, he meowed until we peeked around the corner and said, "Hey Bamfy, come on in here." And he would scamper over.

Pixel's incision is actually really small! I expected it to be larger, especially considering the amount of her belly that is shaved. But the actual incision can't be more than an inch and a half long, two inches at most! She barely cried on the way home and was happy to be out of the carrier, but she was very, very skittish and jumpy after she got home. She didn't want anything to do with her brother. Every time he got near her, she hissed at him (sometimes growled or swatted). We figured it is because they both smelled like the vet's (and they did), but we were afraid that we were going to have to break up a fight, and we didn't want them to hurt their incisions. However, as the night went on, she relaxed all by herself, and started nose-nuzzling her brother and coming to us for pets.

Bamf slept between my legs for half the night, and then I moved and kneed him a little and he moved over to my husband's legs. Very cute. And Pixel slept on my nightstand, right by my head. She woke me up about five minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off by purring and rubbing my face and asking for pets and kisses!! I hope she does that every day!

I mean, what more can you ask for?

Anyway, there's my story! Everything is going very well! I am going to keep a close eye on them and make sure there isn't any infection or swelling, but they seem just fine. And I am so happy to have them home!!!!
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I'm happy everything went well. Now that they're home they will recuperate even faster. for fast recovery.
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That's wonderful!!! So glad they are doing great! My 2 are always super lovey after a vet stay - after they get over being mad at me!
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So glad their surgeries went well and they're home. I firmly believe that a trip and/or stay at the vet's is harder on us than on our babies. Do they both have the glue stitches? Hannah had dissolvable internal stitches and the glue on her incision and it worked well for her. Just keep a close eye on their incisions to make sure an infection doesn't develop.
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Bamf has glue, but Pixel has more traditional stitches. But I was wrong about her incision. It is actually SMALLER than I said earlier. It cannot be larger than an inch. I was expecting a much larger incision. I have to take her back to the vet's next Friday, and she will get her stitches out. The vet said it would only take a few minutes and I wouldn't need an appointment.

So far, their incisions look great. No redness or swelling at all! I think the vet must do a very good job with those surgeries. Plus, I really like this vet! I am so glad I chose this one when I was trying to decide who to pick. I have some good friends to thank for the recommendation! And of course I would be sure to recommend her to others, too.

If I notice anything funny, I will call the vet right away. Right now, they are acting totally normal. It's great!
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Sounds like your kitties are like mine...every time we go to the vet they are soooo affectionate when we get home. Makes sense.

Glad they are doing well
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