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Please get better soon, Raider!

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I hjope she gets better soon, what a little beauty.
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I hope she makes a speedy recovery. She is beautiful.
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OMG! what a cutie, i could just reach in there and grab her and give her a hug, shes so cute
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Get well soon Raider!
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she is absolutely beautiful, this is the most beautiful persian with such beautiful markings and colors!!! Very precious indeed!! Hope she does get well, all will pass soon.
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She's so precious! I sure hope she gets better soon so she can come home to you.
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Oh, I hope she gets better, and soon!
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I'm so sorry Teresa, Any news? Sending the gorgeous little girl hugs & kisses & prayers

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oh how cute. I love her!!!!! I am sending good vibes for her. Let us know soon how she is.
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Get Well vibes for Raider coming your way! what a beauty
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I LOVE this kitten! What a cute little squeaker! I would name her Magwi (the little critters that turn into Gremlins, if you saw that movie)!!!
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Get well Raider!!
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I just got a email from the breeder, they have her on a steroid medication and it seems to be working! Her temp is down to 100 (kinda low isn't it?)and she was a little perkier today! *crosses fingers and toes* I'll know for sure if she is coming on the 31st as that is the date she is supposed to leave with the pet escort.
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That's Good News Teresa!

Good Luck and let us know when she reaches safety! Masquerade is in my thoughts!

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Thanks Sam! I'll share it first here!
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OMG that face is adorable, looks like a phantom of the Opera mask. How about Phantom. Or depending onb how much she mews opera.
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Ohh she is soo adorable!!!
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wow what a cutie!!
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Still not sure if she is coming this weekend... She feels better though. Keep the good vibes coming.
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