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Getting a new kitten!

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I'm about to hit you guys up for names just like every one else! This is a little female persian and she is only 2 weeks old. I need to let the breeder know what her name is so she will know it when she arrives home 10 weeks from now.
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What a cutie!!!! Congrats!!
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looks like we are both playing the waiting game to bring our babies home
Here is a side view!
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What a doll! That swoosh on her face is almost a perfect ying/yang. Maybe something to do with that? My other thought was Domino, don't know why.
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oh my gosh, she is so adorable!! I would call her Lady because that is what she looks like..
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Chess- Swoops- Tutti- Half-pint Gadget, Gwyn.......

Do you know this site?

Cat Names
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awwwwwwww what a cutie!!!!!
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Awww! She is so adorable! I would name her Pheonix! I her, she is so cute!
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Oooh, she is such a little angel! Congrats!!!
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she's so sweet she's giving me a toothache!!!!!!
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With that one-eyed mask - Phantom
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Yep . . . the waiting game is torture, for me anyway! I've already started shopping for kitty litter, I'm so excited!!! LOL
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Fresh Step because you can save the "paw points" on the top of the box and get free stuff. I have sent in for canned food and I could have gotten a soft sided carrier for a $10.00 handling fee. I think that is how much it was. Anyway you can go to the web site and see the things there. I can even get free litter!
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She's adorable! I wish I had name suggestions for you, but I'm not so great with that.
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Eclipes. Still looking for other names though! The more exotic the better. My cattery is called DragonPass so if you have anything that will complement it, feel free to add it here.
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Masque or Masquerade - she is beautiful!
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With Dragon Pass as a cattery name you want to name her after one of the most famous literary dragons, Ramoth, from the Anne McCaffery Pern series or even after a dragon rider from the series like Moreta, dragon lady of Pern
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to put the favorite names in a hat and pull out one as there are alot of great names!
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Masquerade Thanks Adrienne!
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Yeah me! I have now helped pick 2 names - Nimbus and now Masquerade! She is just stunning. I now feel like an honourary godmother!
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I haven't seen this thread before. Teresa, she's a doll! So beautiful!!!
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Oh wittle Masquerade - wanna come live with Aunty Kumbulu?
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Dear Aunty Kumbulu,

There are 6 darling cousins who would be happy to come live with you!
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I just love their smushed-in faces - too cute!
What a
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Oh! OK. In that case, I'm kitten-napping them ALL!!
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updated photo of Masquerade aka Raider
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How big she got! I love her precious little face!
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RAIDER IS SICK! I just got the call from the breeder and she is running a fever of 105. We were going to have her shipped this weekend with our pet escort, but now she may not be able to come home.

Please send some board magic so she can come home and the waiting can finaly be over!
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Here she is just taken a few weeks ago!
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