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Question of the Day - August 21st!

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Do you and your SO fight a lot or do you get along for the most part?
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We both dealt enough with fighting, yelling, etc in the first marriages. In the 6 yrs we've been married, I'm happy to say we have had NO fights!

We only had one major disagreement that was resolved with talking when our youngest son wanted to drive (the age thing). Was the first time we were on opposite sides of the fence on this.

We learned to communicate and if there is a issue, its best to talk about it instead of fighting/yelling at each other
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We don't really fight. We are huge on communication, so we talk about everything even if its awkward or negative..we get it all out in the open, deal with it, and move on. There is no harboured resentment, bitterness..etc...which makes our relationship so strong.

I think in the 8 months we've been together, we have had 1 big fight. It was a good one though...the kind you have to have before you get married.
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Couldn't say, no SO to deal with, but the cats and I get along great
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I have been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 months now and we haven't really fought. I got sort of mad at him once, but we talked about it and it didn't last. We communicate well and neither of us likes to look for fights. We disagree sometimes but never on anything worth fighting about.
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DH and I get into arguments about our living situation (since as many of you know I HATE living with my in-laws, especially now that we are married. Stupid homebuilders need to get on the ball with our house!!)

That is our main argument for the most part. We generally get along wonderfully, until that comes up Which is usually me bringing it up because I snap every so often under the stress this whole mess brings. Our last argument was because I dont want to live in the south my entire life - I'd love to live in the north east again someday. He does not. So we'll just have to come to a compromise in the middle Those are the only arguments we've really had in a LONG time.

We always work out our problems though, and I have to say we get along MUCH more than we fight/argue
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Great question Britt...
to be complete honest I was blessed to get married with this beautiful woman who had give me support to me during almost 9 years of marriage...
Answering at your question, the disscutions with my wife I can count it with my hand fingers and leaft to me fingers!...
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Jess and I have very different ways of responding to stressful situations, and this has caused some major problems and communication breakdowns for us in the past. We know that it's a stumbling block, though, now, and we communicate MUCH better than before. So we don't argue nearly as much as we used to; we've learned how to work with each other. So, no, we don't argue a lot... though we used to
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In our 5 & 1/2 years we have had maybe three fights & two of those were about the way he cooks hot dogs! Dumb I know, other than that we try to talk out everything.
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We don't fight, but we've had four arguments in our 17 years together. We agree on everything except we are polar opposites on one subject so we stay away from that issue!
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We get along great most of the time. Now and then we have a little tiff when he thinks he is right about something and then I explain things and he realizes he is not.

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I wouldn't really call what DH and I do fighting. It's more like bickering, we do it quite often.
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Oh, interesting question!

For me, I think it would depend on how you define "fight". We get upset with each other and have bad times, but we don't really "fight". No yelling, no throwing things, no name calling. But, I do cry when I get upset, and though I can't help it, he thinks I'm hitting below the belt.

Ironically, our biggest "disagreement" is about how he treats me. He is a lot more reserved than he used to be, so I get hurt that he doesn't try to spend special time with me as much any more- since he got this new job sometimes I think he loves it more than me! So then I talk to him and am upset, which makes him upset, but we work it out. Would you call that a fight?

We knew when we got together that communication was very, very important, so even if we're really upset, we always say "hey, we need to talk about this", and we don't really end up fighting.
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Dh and I have been married for 9 years, and we definitely have ups and downs in our relationship. We don't fight a lot all the time, but we do occasionally go through a rough patch where we argue quite a bit. We are definitely an example of opposites attracting, so we really have to make an effort to look at things from each other's perspectives and to make compromises. I think he's worth it though.

I remember reading an article one time about a couple who was celebrating, I think, their 60th wedding anniversary, and the reporter asked the husband what their secret was to staying together so long. He replied, "We never both wanted a divorce at the same time." I could definitely relate to that.
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We have our arguments just like anyone else. People said we would not stay together because his age but we proved them wrong. We been together over 14 years and Married for 4.5 years.
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DH and I do fight and argue over stuff sometimes, but we always try to work it out through communication and learning from our mistakes. We always try to sit down and talk about what's bothering us and resolve it. We're not perfect though and we're both stubborn, so sometimes we do knock heads- but we always just try to think about the bigger picture and work it out.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
We get along great most of the time. Now and then we have a little tiff when he thinks he is right about something and then I explain things and he realizes he is not.

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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
We get along great most of the time. Now and then we have a little tiff when he thinks he is right about something and then I explain things and he realizes he is not.

Good one, Paula
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We usually get along pretty well, but we do have our occasional fights. We're both pretty stubborn and opinionated, so when we have them they can get contentious. We always manage to work it out, though.
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