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Daily Thread Thurs August 21st!

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Morning friends!

Its going to be hot and sunny today..finally!

Last night I got most of the kitchen packed..just got to out today and get some packing material. I already used my towels and clothing for vases and decos..

Maybe I'll get some bubble wrap..then I can play with it when I am done moving

Nothing much up today, might go for a walk with coworkers after work again..then the gym, then packing.
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I'm heading out in the next ten minutes for a trip that is scheduled to go to McAllen, TX. Of course, nothing is written in stone on a dispatch, until I get there, get hooked up, and get out of the gate! And even then, I've seen loads called back due to a problem at a store.

There are currently millions of small butterflies swarming in south Texas. It makes a mess of the truck, but it's interesting to watch.

I should be back Friday afternoon.
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Morning All!!!

Shaping up to be a nice sunny day here as well.

Heading off to work in a bit, no doubt I have tons of stuff piled up from yesterday when I was off.

Nothing else special planned just some chores around the house this evening, then possible an early night...Didn't sleep to well lastnight..

Kitties are good, window watching right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!

Weird weather lately here. Out of no where, yesterday was warm (some would say hot, not me! ) and HUMID. Well, for here, anyway. I told my dad it's getting us ready to go to Japan! It is humid there. So we will see what today brings! Radio says it won't be particularily warm, and it was very over cast this morning.

Kitties are all good. Evie was in a weird mood last night! Mowing and mowing and mowing and then finally she came and culred up with me and went to sleep. Silly girl! She got a little bit of cuddling in today, but was late and didn't get much before the alarm went off.

The Meow Men are all doing well. We can see their hollow little tummies begining to fill in- yay, they're gaining weight! One of these days, those skeletal hips will get some meat on them, too. Vegas is definitely doing better, playing like the others now. And Sparks is putting up with us petting him more! Won't let us think he likes it, but puts up with more.

Right after work, we have our final genetic testing appointment! After this, we will get the results and that will be it! We'll know! I can't wait.

After that, though, not much. Just laundry and dinner! We may all take my mom out tonight to a nice dinner for her birthday. It's actually tomorrow, but my uncle, her brother, will be here tonight and not tomorrow, so she may get two birthday dinners!

Everyone have a good Thursday!!
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Posting late as I left the house at 6:30 this morning so get a bunch of clients taken care of as rain (cross your fingers) is on its way. We have been really dry this month esp compared to June and July!

Than had to go to the mall and Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up stuff for mom, Christmas presents to work on and stuff for me that I needed and splurgy little things too.

Allergies were really bad yesterday-ok today (took Sudafed).

Leftovers for dinner tonite!!
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Woke up this morning to see my adorable little African Dwarf Frog (Ichabad) swimming around in his cage!!! Best suprise ever! I thought as of last night that he wasn't feeling good and was expecting the worst- so i was thrilled to see him acting fine today!!! I'm off to the pet store in a little while though to get a few things for that tank!

After that DH and I unpacked a few straggling boxes from our recent move and organized a bit more (please note the thread about the nasty box we found)

At the moment i'm STILL trying to choose paint colors for the house -no luck thus far!!! I just can't decide

In a few minutes i'm going to change clothes then run some errands. Gotta get some much needed supplies for my fish tank and a new collar for our Carolina Dog, Whiskey.

I'm not sure what all i'm doing tonight. DH has to work so i may hang out with some friends I might see if my sister and her kids want to come over for dinner.
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Just waiting for Fay to leave the state. We have had rain for 3 days now!! We have standing water in 1/2 of the backyard!! Drainage ditch in front is totally full and may come over into front yard. I am so over this storm!!!
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Nothing much today. My back is sore from that functional capacity test I had yesterday, so I'm not doing much! Though, I seriously need to clean my kitchen! I also went to the chiropractor.

Storming out right now. Apparently we're in for a really bad one.
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I went to a core and stretch class this morning taught by Laurie who you may remember that I describe as Atilla the Huness. She must be doing her job, though, because my abs are getting stronger and rolling on the roller is not painful anymore.

Tonight Jenny takes the red eye to NY for her last year at college. I am cooking her favorite dinner, plus I am baking her favorite cake, almond torte, and her favorite cookies, meringue mushrooms. It is 90+ here today, so this is truly a labor of love.
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