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I totally remember fluff! That was the best stuff I'd just stick my hand in and lick off all the goo. What in the world was my mom thinking buying that stuff for sandwiches?!! It's like straight sugar, which of course is just what kids need to really put them over the edge!!
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What about those candies that you have the stick and the three pouches with the different flavors of powder, grape, cherry and oh shoot I can't think of the other flavor. I think it was called lick a stick?
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I loved those, but MAN! They sure could make my tongue sore after a bit!
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The ones I remember were called Pixie Sticks- used to buy those and waxed lips and candy cigarettes! LOL
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We used to get those at the "Pop Stand" at my brother's little league games! I agree Carrie, they did make your mouth sore, like sour patch kids (I still eat those!).
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Do you mean Lick-em Sticks? The one where the stick tasted like mashmallow? They're still around!

Yes, Zingers are still around, the 7-11 by me sells them.

MA, I used to Loooove pixie sticks!!! Sugar rush!!!
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I'd just be happy if they brought back "Bonkers". When I was a kid I wanted to eat those candies just because of the funny commercials
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haha the lick em sticks, basically a hard stick made of sugar, of which you dump into MORE flavored sugar, and enjoy eating about 4 ounces of sugar!
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yea, they sell them at the convienant store up the road...I can't eat them but my kids love them...they also make the sugar babies too..
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We used to buy giant Pixie Sticks - those were a 2 ft. long plastic straw full of sour stuff. There were giant SweetTarts, too.
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Moon Boots, Candy Cigarettes,Rainbow Brite, KaBangers,Sunshine Family dolls (like Barbies).....
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My mom didn't allow candy cigarettes. If we got from trick-or-treating, she threw them away. Like THAT'S what made me start smoking!
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I LOVED the candy cigarrets, but they were like the hard kind, made of sugar and a little vinalla or mint or something it's been so long I cant' remember, but I LOVED them.

It's not what made me to start smoking either, though I don't think it helped with the oral fixation however. =p
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There were bubblegum ones, too. When you blew into them, a puff of sugar came out and looked like smoke. A boy in my 7th-grade science class freaked out the teacher with one on the first day of school. It was her first teaching job.
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haha ha, geee I wonder why you can't find THAT candy anymore. =p
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Political correctness hits the candy counter!
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REmember Garbage Pail Kids. Stickers you got with some really bad gum. I still have a bunch of them.
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OMG, I still have my garbage pail kids, what were the knock off ones though??

Remeber,slap braclets?
My mom took mine away and I kept getting them from school, I even had a red mark on my arm, it was SO cool. THEN.
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I believe they were suppose to be a knock off of The Cabbage Patch Kids?
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I remember the 6 oz. bottles of Coke. My grandparents lived right behind a little mom-and-pop store and my grandfather would give me a dime. The Coke was 3 cents, plus a 2-cent deposit on the bottle and a Hershey bar was a nickel. If I had a bottle, to return I could get 2 pieces of bubble gum, too.
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