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Welcome Home, Nero!

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As many of you know, Rob and I adopted two 8 week old kittens last September - Katina & Monte. Unfortunately, Monte was hit by a car June 20, 2008. We decided to wait until after our trip to Maine this month to get a new kitten ... so the afternoon we got back to SC, we went to the Doc Williams SPCA and found this little ball of love:

His name was "Stone" at the SPCA, and they had him confused with a female We named him Nero, which is "black" in Italian. He is a nutbag! Runs and flips and goes nuts around the house, wants to be friends with Katina (who wants none of it at the moment! ), and just collapses in your arms when you pick him up. He was wonderful in the car, didn't meow at all. Laid down for the vet when they were checking him out. He's been sleeping on me and kneading me the last two nights. He suckles on our fuzzy blanket a lot, as if it were his mother. Caliper does that to a stuffed dog at my parents' house.

We are keeping him as an indoor cat. Rob and I hadn't been too concerned about it with Katina & Monte, because both of us always had indoor/outdoor cats and they were fine. After Monte though, neither of us want that happening ever again, so Nero will be indoors only, and we'll let him outside on a harness and leash. (Katina still goes outside in her 15 sq ft radius )

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What a cutie! Congratulations on the new addition!!
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Congratulations on the new addition, he is a cutie!!
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And thank you for adopting a black cat. There are some wonderful ones that never get adopted, just because of their color.
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Black cats are beautiful My mom adopted a black and white one, and the vet had told her they don't get adopted much either. Right above Nero's cage at the SPCA, they had "10 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat". Of course, I didn't need to read it to make up my mind!

One odd thing I noticed about him is that one pupil is always larger than the other ... how unique (at least to me, I've never seen that before).
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Congrats on the new addition! He's a handsome little man, and he sounds really sweet too
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Awww What a sweetheart!! Congratulations!!!!

I am so sorry about Monte, Rip Sweet baby
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He's adorable Love the name
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