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"Breakin the Law"

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Here is a little somethin silly I put together starring our foster kittens..
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That is toooo cute! You should have added a cuteness warning.
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Toooo Cute!! They are way to clever
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OMG that was so funny

I love in the beginning the one baby was opening the door for the other and the other baby was encouraging her to come out
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That is so cute!
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OMG, that was precious, them breaking out is hilarious I love to watch kittens play Awwwwww. Pepino our kitten is playing like that with his older siblings, they are not amused
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Let's see:

1. Escape
2. Aiding and abedding
3. Destruction of property
4. Brawling
5. Cuteness factor!!

Well, the first 4 require jail time, but #5 negates it all. I think they should have probation with life long cuddles!
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LOL awww that was too cute! And what an excellent song to go with
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Very sweet. I love the constant playfulness and when the one kitty used his mouth to "free" his sibling.
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