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Pyromaniac cats?

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I woke up the other morning early to a strange noise....the click click click of one of my stove eyes (its gas and makes this noise when it lights). I immediately got up and ran to the kitchen, .......somehow one of the kits had turned on one of the stove eyes (mind you, you have to push in and turn to get it to light), and there was a flame under the plates that I'd left sitting on said eye when I cleaned up from dinner the night before......all I can say is thank God for good hearing (my bedroom door was shut) and Corelle brand dishes...they're very heat tolerant! Believe it or not, there was a cat sitting on either side of said flame, just sitting there watching it like nothing was wrong, lol! Needless to say, the knobs are off my stove unless someone is using it now!
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Good grief, that could have been a tragic event, thank goodness that you heard something! Good job the knobs can be taken off, that's a good preventative measure by the sounds of it.

Mine is electric and I leave pans of water on the hobs just in case, but I did once catch Radar balancing on top of the toaster and fishing with his paws in the slots. Fortunately I have a habit of unplugging everything when not in use, but it was still warm from where I'd just made toast. That cat is like a small toddler that always has to be sticking his hands in things.
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Oh gosh that sounds scary, to say the least! I'm glad nothing terrible happened to your kitties.
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And they say indoor is safe for cats.
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