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Ice water?

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I just bought a Drinkwell fountain, and when I was reading the instructions, I noticed that they recommended putting ice in the reservoir to give the cat cold water all the time. I've always thought that ice water would be too cold for my cat. Do any of you add ice? Or have an opinion on this? If it's good for the cat, I'll certainly do it, but I'm concerned that this might not be good advice.
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Some cats insist on ice in the water others like room temp...
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yea my cats wont drink unless i add couple of ice blocks, i say you should give it a try see if your cat like ice.
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My cats love ice cold water.
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Hennessy throws the ice cubes on the floor.
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Hennessy throws the ice cubes on the floor.
Pixel, otoh, LOVES it when i put ice in the water!
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My cats won't drink the water when they see the floating cubes. However, they love it when the ice finally melts and it is freezing cold!
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My Callie LOVES cold, cold water! I have a ceramic coffee cup on the bathroom counter for her and she loves to drink from it in the morning after the water has had time to cool from the AC being on overnight.
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My 3 love ice in a bowl of water. I must try the ice in the resevoir in their fountain as well!
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Thanks so much for replying! I know that I personally prefer ice water to room temperature, so I guess cats like it too. I'm going to try just the fountain first to let him get used to it, and then I'll try adding ice. I don't want to put the ice in initially in case he doesn't like it because then he won't like the fountain either.
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Well, this got me curious, so I put some ice in their water at lunch. One of them pawed at the ice several times, then stared at the bowl until all the ice melted. But, he drinks his water by scooping it up in his paws (the weirdo), so I can see that it was really cold on his paws. The other cat tried to catch the ice and throw it out. I think they enjoyed the coldness of the water, but the ice was just something new for them to play with!
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Kitty loves ice cubes in her water... to play with. And, now she thinks when I have a drink with ice cubes in it that it must be hers...and in goes the paws

Don't really know if they prefer ice water, but they certainly don't avoid cold water.
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I don't think ice will hurt them.

One time my kitten was driving me crazy (kept getting into everything) so I put two ice cubes in his dish and I swear he stared at them for a good half an hour- it kept him busy! lol
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