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cat sticking tounge out?

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So I keep forgetting to ask this, but one morning my cat wanted attention so bad that she woke me up and of course I just had to pet her and give in. So she was kneading the sheets and then I noticed something she's never done before, and that was sticking her tounge out, purring, and kneeding at the same time. We had a male un-neutered cat (not my choice, my parents) that did this when I was a child and I've always wondered why they stick their tounge out like that. Is it over excitement?
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Yes it is! My Rascal does that when he is feeling especially lovey-dovey, and he is neutered.
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it's a nice thing - it means kitty is so relaxed she can't even be bothered to hold her tongue in her mouth!
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Hannah does this and I think it's so cute! It's a sign of relaxation and comfort with you.

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My cat, Malia did this a couple of days ago and I hurried up and grabbed my cell phone:

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Kitty sometimes forgets to put her tongue away after grooming herself and something grabs her attention. When she turns and looks at you like that it always makes me giggle.

Some cat meds (antidepressants, anxiety, etc) make them do that too cause they are so relaxed. Sometimes I think 'hey, its a cat, they have short attention spans. maybe they just forgot'
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Ku Ku often does that but I didn't know that was a sign of relaxation. I thought her tongue was too long...
I once saw her licking a food-bowl, her tongue got extended almost the entire width of the bowl! I almost call her Gene Simmons...
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Chloe's tounge sometimes sticks out. Usually she just forgets to put it back in her mouth
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My Brothers Cat Shadow does it and so do her girls I got. All in the family.
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A couple of mine do that. I think it's relaxation, too, and it is very endearing.
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My kitten was doing that too a few days ago and it was the cutest thing! I think it was because of the heat. It was pretty humid here for a few days. I haven't seen her do it since then.
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I always thought my oldest cat did that when he was pissed. The first time he did it was when he was getting a microchip. Fast forward many years to last fall, when he was sick in the hospital; the vet told me one day that when she told him he wasn't well enough to go home yet, he stuck his tongue out her.

Of course, there were many many tongue-sticking-out's in between those two events.
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it's sooo cute pepe sometimes does it when he's sleeping lol it's cuuutteeee
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