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Getting worried, need vibes

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Hey guys, I need some vibes. You see, this summer I was doing a practicum for my degree and for that I had to do periodic reports, usually about every two weeks, and I did those. Then I wrote the final report for the whole thing and turned in what I was working on. Well anyway, the guy I was doing this for is supposed to turn in an evaluation form over my work over the summer and then turn it in before the deadline. So, I go to look and see if grades are up this morning and next to Summer 2008 it says "I" I meaning incomplete. Apparently he STILL has not turned in the form and it is past due. I gave it to him on August 5th to fill out and let him know that it had to be turned in before the 15th. I had a meeting with him on the 14th of last week and I inquired about it again and he still had not sent it off. So apparently he still has not sent it off according to my departmental secretary whom I talked to this morning. *GRUMBLE* She said that she can fix everything when she gets it from him for me thank God! But I feel like I'm dealing with a little kid that I have to keep reminding to do something. I also had to do this with my work plan portion. It took me like 4 or 5 e-mails to get him to finally fax it into my department so that I could register for my practicum. So I hope they don't give me my diploma and not let me graduate because of something I really have no control over, because I've been trying my best to get it all taken care of. I just need some vibes that this will all resolve in the next day or so. I still have a presentation I have to give (I promised to give) on August 29th even though the semester is overwith, so I was thinking that might have been the reason why I had an incomplete, but my department's secretary made me think its really because they don't have that form yet.
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for your problem can be fixed and donĀ“t spend your time my friend.......
Let me know all about it my friend........
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I hope the mess gets straightened out soon!

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How frustrating. Can you go up the food chain so to speak and talk with his superior??
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Okay, so I emailed him yesterday and he said he sent it last Thursday. I still have no clue what is going on though. I sent the secretary that email he sent me back but she hasn't gotten back to me today yet and its almost noon. I just want to know what is going on! Thanks for the vibes. I'll keep you updated if anything new happens.
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Some people you have to ride like crazy. If he's so inconsiderate (or absent-minded or a procrastinator - or whatever) you have every right to bug him daily about what he needs to do. Personally, I would tell someone like that that I am picking up the documents to hand deliver them. I'd give him a time and date and wait there while he finishes them, if necessary.

You can get it fixed, you just need to keep asking who to talk to. If that person says s/he can't help, ask to speak to that person's boss. You might have to go through three people (usually it's three) to get to the person who can make it right. It's not your fault and can be fixed. Let us know how it goes.
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thinking of you my friend.......
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