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So What's On The Menu This Evening?

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I have been craving taco's all day so am heading off to the grocery store shortly for taco fixings...
Not sure about dessert, most likely watermelon..

So what's on Your Menu?
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Funny, I was just looking up recipes thinking what can I make for dinner since this is the first evening all week I will actually be home in time to cook

Then I came across this
and now I am craving stuffing so that is what I am having even though its not really cooking since it all comes in packages - but gives me more time to enjoy my evening
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If Tropical Storm Fay cooperates we will be having ribs on the grill, brown rice, & stir fry vegtables. If she doesn't cooperate I guess I will do ribs in oven.
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found a brilliant curry recipe site yesterday so made king prawn passanda with basmati rice.

will be eating the leftovers tonight, yum!
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We're going to have a version of chicken parm. I take 2 chicken breasts, coat them in bread crumbs, bake them in the oven. Then take them out, spread some diced tomatos on it and sprinkle mozzarella cheese and put back in the oven. And I'm serving it over some rotini pasta with the leftover tomatos in it.

It's really good.
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Hmmm, good question. Probably some combination of tuna and/or mashed potatoes
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
I have been craving taco's all day so am heading off to the grocery store shortly for taco fixings...
Not sure about dessert, most likely watermelon..

So what's on Your Menu?
That’s funny. I just got off the phone with my boyfriend telling him how I am having an insane craving for Tacos lol. He wants Fajitas though lol I’m good with that!

After work I am going to pick up one of those pre made fajita kits. I usually get the Old El Paso ones. Its soooooo yummy for a 5 min meal lol. With my Dad coming up tomorrow I don’t have time to cook tonight so its purrfect!!

Mmmmmm Fajitas
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We are ordering pizza
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It's the week from hell. We had pizza last week and last night we went to our favourite "the cook's on strike" place, so barring the unforeseen, I WILL cook, but, it'll be pretty simple. Probably ham and cheese omelettes and salad.
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Grilled salmon, corn fritters and roasted sweet potatoes. It's quick and easy and oh so tasty
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I'm actually thinking about grabbing Chipotle or Noodle's and Company during my evening bikeride...Hubby works afternoons the next two nights, so he's not home till 2am...soooooo...I usually grab something 'on the go' during my long treks around the Twin Cities.
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Leftovers for me. Yesterday I made a pulled pork in a tomato sauce in the slow cooker (oooh yummy!) and it goes over rice or on sandwich rolls
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I fixed Macaroni and Cheese for Mom and me.
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Shrimp was on sale today and I know shrimp is one of Jen's favorites. Didn't have a clue as to how I was going to prepare it, but she asked if it could be spicy. Looked up recipes for shrimp fra diavolo and came up with a mix of them. So we are having that over linguini with a salad.
This is her second to last dinner before she takes off for senior year at college. There is no question what I am making tomorrow night - her absolute favorite, Santa Maria Tritip.
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Barbecue chicken breasts, french-cut green beans, and toasted ciabatta bread. Probably some chocolate chip mint ice cream for dessert.
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Made a seafood chowder (with the seafood being shrimp and canned crabmeat), the much eaten basil/tomato & mozzarella and fresh baked crusty bread!!
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DH and I went to Tellinis after we worked out at the gym. It was yummy! I had baked spaghetti and he has shrimp alfredo.
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Just a green salad with grilled chicken on top last night. Not sure about tonight yet. Something instant probably because I don't feel up to cooking much.
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Tonight I think I'm going to make shrimp over linguine with alfredo sauce

My mom made shrimp scampi last time Rob and I were up to visit, and he loved it, but wants to try it with alfredo instead. He said "Cheesy sauce is manly"
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Tonight is breakfast for dinner. Eggs, toast, hash browns, and bacon. Yummmm
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Hamburger patty, beets and slaw.
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Crab cakes, Coconut shrimp and cornbread Watermelon and Cherries for dessert
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I'm having some homemade lentil and sweet potato soup, and a veggie burger made with homemade bannock.
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John had to work late and just got home, so I just made some instant mac & cheese, instant cheesy mashed potatoes and some bread.
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I forgot to thaw the shrimp, so we ended up having taquitos and pierogies for dinner.
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We had to pay bills and run errands today, so by the time we got home, I wasn't in the mood to cook anything. So we just had leftovers. But they were good leftovers: lasagne & garlic bread.

Now I'm getting hungry again by reading this thread. I think I'll go and have my dessert now: ice cream!
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The week from hell continues, but I think I can summon the energy to cook some sausages, panfried spuds and a veg -- I'll see if I have enough beans from the garden and if not it will be green peas from the freezer. Dessert is probably ice cream and something or other -- blueberries? mango? chocolate sauce?
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Tonight my nephew and I had Krystals for dinner! (soo bad i know! - but it was deliscious) I'm totally cooking all of our meals at home the rest of the week now!
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Just a turkey sandwich on some nice italian bread with chocolate pudding for dessert
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Friday night is out with my mom & dad, we got to the restaurant my dad and I work at hey, we get a discount I had a steak and cheese sandwich and the salad bar
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