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10 days to go

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Until I move!

We get to start packing the truck next week (oooh fun!) and then we'll be staying overnight in Harrisburg on our way to Philadelphia. Zissou is pretty excited, though I'm not excited to listen to her MEOWLLLL the whole way there.

I don't think we're ready
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You dont sound so excited about moving!! hehe Have you talked to your vet about her anxiety in the car and maybe getting some sedatives for the move?!

Worm is terrible in a carrier in the car, so bad he gets himself all worked up and ends up puking and then screams even louder like he is dieing. I had to drive 1 1/2 hrs to see my vet in south jersey since i dont trust anybody up here. Since being a vet tech I know the wonders of Ace and I just mentioned it to my vet and he was more than happy to give him an IM injection. My vet just made sure his heart rate and respiration rate were ok and he gave good old Wormie the shot. It was so nice to drive home without him screaming, crying and trying everything in the world to get out of his carrier. Less stress on me and him.

Maybe you can give your vet a call and talk to him/her about it. Advice do not take the pill form of Ace, a percentage of the time it does not work on cats or makes them puke. If your vet says its a go, schedule to stop in on your way to your new home and let him give the quick IM(intra muscular) shot. I know how stressful moving is and when my cats are unhappy it makes everything even MORE stressful.

GOOD LUCK and welcome to the east coast area!!

Edit: I forgot you were stopping over in harrisburg. Maybe your vet can teach you how to give a SQ shot for the next day and give you a syringe w/Ace in it for the trip. Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth move!
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Thanks-- I am pretty excited to be in Philadelphia, just not so excited about the next couple weeks. I wouldn't mind sedating her, but we have to be driving two days in a row.

She doesn't get too stressed, just meows the whole time. Luckily she is okay on her leash at rest stops.

I think my bf is pretty worried about driving that big truck too. And how much it costs.

Ugh. When will they invent that matter transporter!
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for all goes all right my friend!......
Good luck!...
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Good luck on the move. We moved a few weeks ago and still need to unpack.
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I have exactly one month to go and I am moving accross the world, No I am not ready!
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Good Luck, Julie!
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Good luck. Moving is stressful and exciting at the same time. Philadelphia is a city that has really improved a lot over the last 15 years. I hear there are some excellent little cafes and tons of cultural activities.
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I understand! Try to think of the positives, though. Starting over in a new place is exciting, you will be making new friends and there's so much to see in Philadelphia! I always like to take the opportunity when preparing for a move to get rid of lots of stuff and move with only the things I love and absolutely need. (Makes for a cheaper and easier move, too). I chant "donate!" a lot when I am packing for a move. It's nice to have a clean start.

I'll be thinking about you!

Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post

Ugh. When will they invent that matter transporter!
Amen sister.
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I'm moving cross country too - it must be that time of year.

I'm taking my 4 cats in separate carriers in the rental truck with me. Mover muscle arrives at 10 a.m. on the 5th to pack my rental truck, so kits go into carriers just before they arrive.

Then after truck is packed, cats get put in front seat of the rental truck along with me and my dad (who is crazy enough to have volunteered to drive me cross-country and who has been warned about one very loud alpha male bengal) then off we go on a 14-16 hour drive, straight through to my new home 820 miles away from the only place I've ever known.

Scary stuff, yes, but exciting, too!

To make it up to my kits for the upheaval and horribly long truck ride, in the new place they will have a brandy-new, 6 foot long by 8.6 feet tall by 2 feet deep cat condo/jungle-gym with two floor-to-ceiling poles, tons of platforms and hammocks and hidey holes for them to explore and claim as their own.

I'm hoping it eases their stress. I decided not to do an overnight stay, as I think that going straight through will be the best choice for all concerned in my case.

I have packed and ready for the truck: Puppy pads for the crates, garbage bags, paper towels, unscented baby wipes. I will also have small bowls for offering them each a taste of wet food and/or water. I expect potential crate accidents, so each will be in a harness with a leash attached for keeping them safe when I am changing out messes.

I'm not bothering with sedatives, as they will settle down after the first couple of hours, and I don't want to risk them having a reaction. Instead, I'll give them some calming stuff that gets added to the water - it's specific for relieving travel stress. (I hope they don't get runny poopies from it, that'll stink, pun intended!)

Once they are in the carriers, they are stressed to the max, so my intention is to get us packed and into the truck and on the road ASAP. The sooner we are driving, the sooner we'll get there. A new home. Where my cats are.
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