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Breed registries

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I am confused! How many pure bred cat registries are there? and how many are worth looking into?

My Mau is registered CFA, but I have been thinking of registering him under TICA as well so that I can access more shows. There is a local show at the end of September, but it's put on by ACFA. I am getting information from them on how I can show a CFA registered cat there.

When people mention their cat granding.. which registry are they granding under? Could a cat grand under a few different registries?
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The major ones in the US (that have a lot of shows) are CFA, TICA, and ACFA. I don't know how active the Canadian registry is regarding shows

Yes you can grand in several associations, but your cat would have to be registered in them before competing. The easiest way is to have CFA registration first (and some like ACFA require a pedigree with ALL registration numbers on 3-4 generations of cats.

Because Charlie's breeder was only CFA registered, I wound up paying CFA for a certified pedigree with all the registration numbers on it before I could get him ACFA registered. Glad I did, cause there was an error on the Oci database regarding the parents of one of the cats - the certified copy was correct; don't rely on those databases for reg. numbers!

If I could have gotten him to more CFA shows, he would have granded. He's a Grand in ACFA. Hopefully baby Jack will be able to do better and grand in both associations.

My cornish rex, Spooky was a Grand Premier in CFA, Quad Grand Alter in ACFA (the highest level to achieve) and an unofficial Grand in TICA cause I showed him in one TICA show, but didn't have to register him at the time - he got enough finals/points to make Grand (someone explained it to me).
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OK, thanks, that helps. I have decided to skip the TICA Edmonton show in September as the plane trip plus show may be too much for his first outing. I will enter him in the September ACFA show in Victoria (3 hour drive) and then in the Novermber TICA show in Richmond (3 hours plus 2 hour ferry).
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Many, many registries, but only a few are global...

There's CFA (the oldest, global), TICA (global and fastest growing registry), ACFA (I think limited to the US), CCCA (Canada and is actually quite active), FIFe (European based, global), GCCF (UK). In Australia, if I'm not mistaken, each state has it's own registry.

It's a very good idea to buy at least a 4-5 generation pedigree and get your cat registered with TICA and CCCA if you want to grand fast. I know a lot of Canadians show both CCCA and CFA, Aby breeders at least.
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ACFA does have some foreign shows but mainly its an exchange of judges with the clubs. I'm not sure if they actually held a foreign show, but I do know that our judges have gone to Europe, Australia, China, Japan to be a guest judge
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There is also the UFO, CFF and WCF.
United Feline Organization mostly western US.
CFF Cat Fanciers Federation, east coast registry
WCF is World Cat Federation, extremely large in Russia and some parts of Europe, also in South America. WCF is the beginning of the Siberian standard and is growing. Many FIFe breeders in Europe are now multi registered with FIFe, TICA and WCF.

Also, there is the GCCF Governing Council of the Cat Fancy which is the UKs cat registry. Many breeders in the UK belong to Felica Britanicus *pardon my spelling* FIFe club and GCCF and some to TICA.

Some south american countries, New Zealand and Mexico also have their own shows and registering bodies.

And there is also teh ACA which most traditional siamese register with. This registry does not host shows.
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